Friday, 29 April 2016

Social Media adjudge The Gist with Emma Ugolee most followed youth talk show

The name Emmanuel Ugolee is synonymous with Nigerian entertainment as many recall his role in the development of the new age entertainment industry almost two decades ago. 

After an 11 year break, Emmanuel Ugolee is back with the current wave of an all entertainment-based talk show which is causing weekly ripples on social media with Instagram and twitter trending topics and video clips. 

The entire week on social media hovered around the hiphop episode featuring rappers Ikechukwu, Mode 9, Vector and Ill Bliss. With Ikechukwu and Vectors confrontation making the weeks number 1 viral video. 

The show called 'The Gist' strictly dicuss es issues around the entertainment industry in general with key players including Musicians, Actors, Writers, Sports men amongst others as panelists. 

The high level engagement on social media platforms after each show makes the show a must see. 

'The Gist' has so far featured guests such as Bovi, Timaya, Simi, Uti, Saka, Monalisa Chinda, Joseph Benjamin, Alibaba, Segun Arinze, DJ Jimmy Jatt and many more.

Showing on HipTv Channel 324 on DSTV every Monday at 10:30pm with a rerun on Saturdays at 10:00am. The gist gives an inside scoop to the inner working of the industry through the dissecting minds of its practitioners. It also has a comedy segment and plays trendy music videos along with a vox pop that samples the pulse of the streets on the subject matters discussed. 

Designed to entertain the viewer and yet highlight ills needing a fix in the entertainment industry the excited youth reception given the show indicates the concept is welcome and long overdue. 

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