Saturday, 17 August 2013

Come Catch Fun at Fashion-O-Rama – Fashion Soiree

The quarterly Fashion Soiree is back on with a one-day Fashion-O-Rama. It will be a one-day event of  sales, discounts, steals and sprees.

The event which will be taking place in the style trend setting spot of Lagos, will have exclusive brands spanning clothes, hair, accessories and beauty products on sales as well as free beauty and styling consultants present. There will be 2 hours happy hour from 3pm - 5pm at the buffet for N2,500. 

Also there will be a raffle draw with gifts ranging from 
- Free Spa moments, Free buffet , Hair Care,  Accessories and Luxury gift vouchers . 
- There will be gift packs courtesy LuvUr Body 

Some of our Exhibitors includes…

- AMARELIS :- debuting their Belladona Collection

- EL'MAI :-  Hair Care Products for natural and hair extension.

- MMABON :- Fancy Fashion Tshirts

- SPARKLE FASHION STORE :- Statement making unusual Fashion accessories in cooperating a bling factor.

- D'S FASHION :- Accessories ranging from scarves, shoe clips, hats to handbags

Admission is Free….

Date- Sunday 18th August 2013 Time – 12am- 7pm
Venue – Monty Buffet Restaurant,  29 Karimu Kotun Street, VI – Lagos.

Contact- For more info call 08023341846 or 08138388004

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