Saturday, 31 August 2013

John Legend strips down completely naked and takes viewers into his nudist lifestyle

... but it's all for new Funny Or Die parody video
John Legend sure is comfortable in his own skin.
No matter whether it's to exercise, hit the studio or watch The Walking Dead, the crooner just has to get naked to feel right.
Or so he jokes in a video for comedy site Funny Or Die, which spends a day getting to know the strip-happy singer in his house.

First things first and the singer hops into the shower for a little refreshment before doing some sit-ups and stretches.
Then, another shower and a cat nap to relax after the tiring morning routine. 
'Now that I've had a good three-hour nap, I'm finally ready to get down to work,' says the singer as he wakes up.

But that so-called work appears to be just hitting the shower (yes, again).
And in the studio, Legend gets nude again to get his creative juices flowing as he tweaks some new tracks.
Apparently, the clothing is what's getting him stuck in the musical process, and Legend seems much happier as he triumphantly raises his arms and wags his naked hips to the beat.

Perhaps the highlight of the video, however, is the final scene showing Legend making his tasty macaroni and cheese dish.
'So now it's ready to go in the oven - I've been preheating the oven to about 375,' he says, gently sliding the dish onto the rack.
But things go horribly wrong as he closes the oven door - and burns his private parts in the process.
The video cuts out with Legend screaming expletives while holding his groin.
It's a cautionary tale to all would-be naked chefs out there: Bake nude at your own risk.

In real life, Legend is prepping for the release of his new album Love In The Future, which drops on September 3.

He also received some good exposure earlier this summer with his upbeat track Dance The Pain Away, a collaboration with influential DJ Benny Benassi. 

The song features the singer's R&B vocals over a driving house beat and synthesizers, and Benassi was particularly impressed by the experience of working with Legend.
'Not only is he unbelievably talented, he's also really nice,' the Italian producer told Rolling Stone.

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