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An interesting post Wizkid found on Facebook about Nigerian Pastors

Read an interesting post Wizkid found on Facebook about Nigerian Pastors and their deceptive preaching of God for wealth to their shallow followers (church goers). The point here is to trust in the God in you and not that of the bible or so called 'men of god'.
The following interesting post was shared on Wizkid's official Facebook page few days ago (October 17), either by Wizkid (Ayodeji Balogun) himself or his EME management. It was also shared via Cokobar's FB page, there event partner. Read on..... 

An interesting post I found on Facebook. What do you think? 


They say Oprah is not a Christian, but she built a school for girls in South Africa. IT IS FREE EDUCATION!!!

They say Beyoncé is Illuminati, she's building a school for girls in Afghanistan. IT IS FREE EDUCATION!!!

Tererai Trent is building a school for girls in Zimbabwe. IT IS FREE EDUCATION!!!

They say Mark Zuckerberg is an Atheist (doesn't believe in God), but more than 50% of his wealth goes to charity. # FACT

Bill Gates is spending billions to eradicate Polio disease in Nigeria! FREE HEALTH

Most of the American illuminati celebrities are investing millions on projects in African continents, adopting and educating African Children!!!

Our supposedly heaven-bound African (most especially Nigerians) Pastors are building Empires for themselves....These Pastors tell us 'law' came by Moses, but 'grace' came by Jesus...

They pray with the grace of Jesus, and collect money with the law of Moses.

They are Christians, but nothing Christ-like about them anymore.

Jesus Christ was a just man, who understood the principle of the 'widow's mite', but our today Pastors
don't give a shit about widow's mite...

The more you give, the more important you're in today's churches ,irrespective of whether the money is ill gotten or not. # JUST GIVE!!!!

The Bible is now a weapon of mass deception...They twist the Bible knowing that people are lazy to read. They collect 10% tithe, they collect welfare offering, they collect building offering, regular offering *all from one month's salary etc....After which they will ask you to make vows and sow seeds a random! Haha!! # Why won't they be billionaires?

After collection, they build high profile schools, exotic Hotels and Hospitals for
Politicians and their children, not caring about people who have been giving their widow's mite.

The Bible said "give that there may be meat in my store house"... God never
said you should keep collecting after you have overflow of meat-Private jets and billions in the store house.

Just imagine if these Pastors GIVE a tithe of 10% from their income back to the church... Nope! They preach faith, but they don't exercise faith. They tell you to give $1000 to become a Billionaire in 6months, but they won't pray for you to become a Billionaire before giving! I never heard of any Billionaire who became one out of a pastor praying for you... I only know you can become a Billionaire through ideas, hard work and diligence!

I always shake my head whenever I see about 100 people running to go and sow $200 to become Billionaires in 24 months *Remember that our God is not a gambler and church is not a casino.

I keep wondering when they will ever stop being stupid... How can the same Pastor who told you to sow seed of $1000 2years ago to become a millionaire in 6months, come back after 1year to tell you to sow $200 to become a Billionaire in 24 months?

Please do the math na... if $1000 did not make a millionaire, how WILL $200 make you a Billionaire? *SMH*

What baffles me most is the speed at which they run to go and pick the envelops, knowing fully well that some
of them can't even afford to pay their bills, and some are 3 months behind in their rent payment. Haha!!!

This Sunday as many Christians went to church with empty stomachs.. Pastors continue to live like kings and queens. AFTER FORBES WILL LIST THE RICHEST:

Believe And Trust ONLY In GOD

# Only God will Judge. 

While majority of the points mentioned in the above interesting post is true, there are many credible reports of the Bill Gates Foundation systematically killing (impoverished) children on the African continent under the disguise of "Polio Vaccination or Eradication". If we take a good look at history (coupled with our individual experiences), we would realize not all "help" are good. 

As a matter of fact, Nigeria has enough wealth and resources to cater for her own people without any aid from a foreign source. Greed and corruption is a deadly disease of its own; it is evident in today's Nigerian society and government. 

Mentally speaking, our healing starts from the inside-out, not outside-in. 

-The Nigeria Music Network Team 


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