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He is one of the fast rising broadcasters and showbiz personalities in Nigeria. LarryForeman, a University of Lagos (UNILAG) undergraduate took us on a ride on his journey into showbiz in this interview laced with humour and side attractions. Enjoy.

How does it feel being a presenter on the first ever Nigeria campus radio station (UNILAG FM)?
It’s truly an honour and the station has produced various legends and titans in the industry. Honestly my starting point is a stepping stone. I’m proud of my station, my colleagues and myself.

What inspired your choice of profession?
Basically my choice of profession came as a result of the necessity to be someone special, great and a person that can impact my society. I had just enter the University and I remembered that I told myself that I never wanted to wait for a job before I graduated, and told myself that I was going to make a name, money and impact during my period in the school.
 And I asked myself a fundamental question "What has God given me by the state of nature in terms of talent / Gift ? " And I said I speak well, I looked good and I would make a good public figure. I was factual and the rest is history.

And today I’m a Compere / Mc with humor, TV and Radio Presenter, a Model and an Actor...
Hahhahha! Only me abi? No worry I be hustler.

What does being a radio presenter entails?
Being a radio presenter is a great job, remember it’s a blind medium and it has to been treated with care, love and respect. These are my basic tenants in the radio presentation business. One must possessed content - i.e. been knowledgeable and vast in various topics. Have a good accent and diction. You must be very creative. A good broadcaster must be confident, charismatic and factual.

How did your journey into broadcasting started?
My journey began about 4years ago. I had enrolled for Globacom Marathon event, as a monitoring runner to be on watch should incase an emergency occurred as the race progressed. The zone I was to monitor was Ozumba Mbadiwe Street, Victoria Island.

The sun was scorching, but I poured my energy into the task with the hope to be duly rewarded.

During the course of the race I noticed Gbenga Adeyinka, a popular comedian, who had been appointed as the MC of the event on stage, at that point, thoughts began streaming into my mind, and I began asking myself questions, “how much would this guy earn for just being on stage compared to me who’s doing all the hard work?”

At the end of the day I received the sum of  N7,000, of which  N2,000 was deducted for tax, and of course Gbenga Adeyinka would earn more than I did for just being on stage.  It was then the answers to my question became quite clear, and I knew within myself I needed to restructure my life and positioned myself better.

I took a first degree course in Human Kinetics which would have spanned for 2years, but midway into it, I went back to retake JAMB examination, I got into the University of Lagos  and decided to do Philosophy, this I describes as one of the best choices I ever made.

In 2009, I participated in “Own the Stage”, an event launched to promote public speaking, the event  took place in the University of Lagos, I contended with several other good speakers, and although this was my first experience on the stage I received an award as the BEST FOREMAN.

And with that motivation I started my journey into the media and entertainment world, it wasn't easy though but I eventually ventured into broadcasting on radio, Which I started off with BBC in 2011, it was a cool experience and then  UNILAG FM.

If you started as an undergraduate, what was the experience like coping with classes, fame and work?

Let me not lie to you, it’s been God. There were time I had to ‘stab’ (miss) classes for shows and people thought I wasn't  serious, but I was led by the constant transformation and renewal of my mind, my friends were just conformed with emotions and norms but I don't blame them because they felt they were advising me on the right path .

I’m in my finals (ASUU no wan make I Graduate, I go swear for both FG and Asuu oooo). Just kidding. I’m growing in the business everyday.

For fame, I have been able to manage it by the grace of Go. I work and play and also respect people for who they are.

For work. Men! I Love the work, sometimes I do it without eating because it’s fun.

What were your initial challenges when you started and how did you overcome them?

First of all, my country people, Oboy, Ogirl, the hustle no be here Ooooo (My dear boys and girls, it wasn’t easy). You have to create a brand filled with creativity, humility and loyalty, and to crown it up, you must sabi waka (walk).

God has always being my guide honestly, when I started one of my producers said I sounded like a Chicken, and one time  I got thrown out of the studio for watching someone presenting.

The truth is that I’m a stubborn and a dogged person pertaining to my aspirations and I didn't worry myself to all I face after all Jesus face worse situations so whom am I to complain but rather looking up to Jesus the author and finisher of my faith (I sound like a pastor right hahahhah) honestly am crazily ambitious about my dreams and I told God I’m must be part of the media Guru's In this country.

Where do you see yourself as a brand in a couple of years from now?
Honestly, the brand LARRY FOREMAN is an internationally growing brand already as you all know am not just a radio presenter, I‘m also a TV presenter, MC, Model and an actor. And I have done a lot of events and presentations. The brand is still growing.

What is your philosophy about life and what inspires you?

Philosophy of life is with God things can always get better.

What inspires you?
Simple, GOD! The G factor. Hahhahahhahah!!!

Awards Won.

Nigerian Radio Awards - Campus Radio Presenter 2012, Gidi Youth Awads 2012
- On Air Personality of the Year
, Tush Awards – Mr. Personality 2012, Top NaiJa Music Awards - Award for Excellence (Honorary Award), YABA TECHNOLOGY MASS - Com Dept - Awards for Excellence (Honorary Award) 2013, Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Awards - Nominee Campus Radio Presenter of the year 2013, TUSH Awards 2013 - Nominee for On-Air-Personality of the Year.

You can connect with Larry:

Twitter - @larryforeman007

FaceBook - Larry Foreman

Web -

Email - larryforeman007@gmail,com

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