Monday, 3 February 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Another Nigeria Student Found Dead In Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus, Famagusta - Another young talented Nigeria student(Name witheld) was found dead on 1st February been Saturday 2014, The body of the young promising young boy was found after a five days he was missing. His picture was captioned Missing for the past 5 day before he was found dead .
The main cause of his death is still uncertain but Many Nigeria students here believe that he was murdered cold blooded. The life of Nigeria students living in Northern Cyprus is no longer safe because this is the second time a student was murdered without a tangible reason for their death.
Yesterday Night, Many Nigerian student almost protest in other to show their anger over the death of the great soul that was lost for nothing.
Meanwhile, we students in Northern Cyprus must find the main cause of his death and immediately 2nd semester session resumes we shall also pass the information to the school management where he was admitted to seek for help in other to find the cause of our brother’s death.
Great Nigerian Student.

David Joshua from Northern Cyprus.

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