Friday, 28 February 2014

#TheGreatestCountdownOnEarthRadioShow on Soundcity Africa, Hosted by Do2tun!

The best thing to happen to weekend TV is here as We are taking Radio to Television with the new show aptly titled '#TheGreatestCountdownOnEarthRadioShow.'
Soundcity Africa brings you #TheGreatestCountdownOnEarthRadioShow, the all-new magazine and chart show for videos from around the globe, hosted by the suave and smooth talking OAP with Cool FM Lagos, Do2tun.
The One-hour show would join other flagship weekend favourites like Wired, African Rox, the authoritative Nigerian music chart show - Top 10 Nigeria, Specials, Friday/Saturday Party Mixes and What's Up Specials. Do2tun would deliver an exciting mix of must-know news, interviews from your favourite artistes, exclusive video performances and world class clips from around the world every week.
Catch #TheGreatestCountdownOnEarth this Saturday, March 1 as it premieres 5PM exclusively on the Soundcity Africa (DSTV 327 & GoTV 80) with weekly highlights on the SoundcityTV' website -
#TheGreatestCountdownOnEarth airs every Saturday, 5PM on Soundcity Africa. Join in every week with the official twitter / instagram / Facebook hashtag - #TheGreatest and get a shoutout from Do2tun.
Soundcity Africa is the #1 Music and Lifestyle channel from Nigeria.
Watch trailer for the new show:
Keep up with #TheGreatestCountdownOnEarthRadioShow:

ALSO, check out the ONE-ON-ONE interview with HKN Producer, Shizzi here:

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