Thursday, 22 May 2014

Can too much Masturbation cause a weak erection?

If you enjoy beating your meat constantly, stop and read this. Take your hands off the dong and listen up. BOY: Since when did too much masturbation become a problem? GIRL: Since it started making you d*ck limp.
Now, imagine that scenario playing out with you and your lady. For years, there has been a constant debate on if too much masturbation can cause a weak erection. If I were to give a simple answer, I would say yes but if I were to give a complicated answer, I would say maybe, because there are other factors that could be could also cause a weak erection. For the sake of argument and because I am not a doctor, we will only discuss the simple answer which are of course based on my personal opinion and observations and I will also use case studies as examples. I have a friend, lets call him “Man A”. Man A is a regular customer in the meat isle. He masturbates at least twice a day almost everyday. Man A has been doing it for so long without any issues but the problem now is, he has started to notice that when he is with his woman, his erection is not quite what it used to be. His penis just doesn’t get as hard anymore unless of course, he decides to whip the monkey. He also noted that, once he does this, it comes alive again. This has started making his lady feel insecure so he wants to fix it.

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