Monday, 8 September 2014

Interview with Nollywood rising Star, MIMI

How did you get into acting?
I got into acting in 2010, but it has always been an Off and On thing.

Can you tell us some of the movies you’ve appeared in?
Once Debe, Masun, Eldorado, Ojokana and Omolade.

What are the challenges you’ve face so far? 
It's been good so far but being an upcoming act, it’s been hard getting myself accepted and featured, but things are getting better now.

How have you been coping, combining studies with acting?
Like I said earlier, it’s been an off and on thing and that's majorly because I was a student but I'm done with school now and I can face acting squarely.

Is it true that some directors ask for sex before giving out roles especially, to rookies like you? 
Well, so I heard but since I got into the system that hasn't been my case though I won’t deny that they make advances but it has never been a case of sex for a role.

Have you experienced such harassment since you’ve started?
Not particularly!

Can you tell us about your family and education background?
I am from a family of 6, and I am the 4th child. I attended Staff School of  the University of Ibadan for my primary education, and then proceeded to Queens School, Apata, Ibadan for my secondary education. I recently graduated from Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State.

How do you cope on campus with the popularity that comes with being an actress? 
When I was still an undergraduate I wasn't yet a regular or popular face. I was just known by few people majorly my friends but I'm now getting more roles than I use to. All the same, I’m a friendly person.

What’s style to you? 
Been moderate and simple. You don’t necessarily need to be extravagant before you can be stylish.

Are you into labels? If yes, who are your favourite designers? 
I wear anything that suits me. I’m not mostly into what's in vogue.

What’s your favourite fashion item?
Shoes and Bags

What’s you dream and how far do you want to take your acting career?
My dreams are to impact positivity through acting and to be an actress whom people can look up to. I intend taking this acting career seriously and to the extreme.

Will you be practicing your course of study after graduation or you’re concentrating on acting?
I will be sticking to acting for now as I hope to be encouraged by my getting more roles.

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