Thursday, 6 November 2014

UBA Excite Campus Students with Next Gen Acct Package

Are you a student? Then it’s time to start thinking about your career and your future goals in life. It’s time to make intelligent choices based on your strengths and interest because you are at the doorstep of your financial emancipation. The first good decision you’ll be making is to sign up for a Next Gen Account. Besides, having your Next Gen branded cheque book is the coolest financial muscle you may have.

The Next Gen Student Account gives you access to:
Current Account – with Zero COT and No Monthly Charges
Card Services – UBA Debit Card with variants that can admit student I.D card functionalities
Internet and Mobile Banking – Via U-Direct & U-Mobile platforms
Discounted Goods & Services – with card purchases online/POS
Online Account Opening – for Next Gen Student Current and Savings accounts
Career Advisory & Motivation – through campus sessions
Job Fairs & Employment Consultation – Available to Final Year Students
Scholarships and Job placements within UBA Group v ia Next Gen Ambassadors Scheme
Social Media Interaction and information dissemination through Twitter, face book and instagram
Loans and Lending Products – Laptop / tablet Ownership Schemes subject to terms and conditions
Prize Winning Promotions and Campus Carnivals

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