Friday, 10 April 2015

INTERVIEW: Olamide Is Pushing His Luck Too Far With 5 Albums At-A-Go – Brain

This is an Exclusive Interview with Brain

What’s been happening to Brain?
I’m good. I just dropped two videos “Gaara” and “Olosho (OT Genasis – CoCo cover). And I’ve been doing media promotions for the singles. I’m also working on songs for my debut EP – The Statement as well.

When do we expect the EP dropping?
The EP should be dropping by the third quarter of the year.

Why ‘The Statement’ for the EP title?
Yeah, I’m making a statement with the songs on the EP. I just want to show people that good music is still alive unlike people’s perspective that young Nigerian artistes are just making noise. I intend to showcase good songs whose lyrics are deep and laced with meaning no matter the sound.

Who are your favourite Nigerian rapper?
I’m a big fan of Mode 9, Vector, Phyno and Olamide. Though Badoo seems to be pushing his luck too far these days.

How do you mean?
No hard feelings. Olamide Is quite good but I have issues with the frequency he drops songs and not allowing songs to sink into people before dropping another. I heard he said he’s dropping 5 albums this year. I wonder how could that be possible when an album will have at least 12 tracks, that’s like average of 60 songs in total. I don’t know the magic Badoo wants to perform with that. Aside that, he’s dope.

Who’s the international act you will like to work with?
A whole lot. I will love to work with Will.I.Am. He’s quite talented and versatile.

How will you describe the Nigerian music industry?
The industry is sure finding its feet despite the fact that we have no concrete structure in place and no infrastructure to support the industry. All the same, Nigerian artistes are carving a niche for themselves in Africa and globally.

What makes you do the Olosho single?
I’m only fooling around and it’s just a cover of the popular hit song, ‘Coco’. Just wanting to make it local and have fun.

Brain and the chics.                                                 
Yeah, the chics keep the industry going. They’re our biggest fans and I do hold them in high esteem. I’m working on a tight song for the cream chics (you heard it first) and it might be my next single, and will surely be on the EP.

Last words for you fans.
I really appreciate them and thank them for all the love and supports so far. They should look out for more hit songs and videos I will be dropping this year.

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interview first published by Naijaloaded 

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