Friday, 12 June 2015

KORA All-Africa Music Awards Open for Entries.

Dangles $1m Prize Money for Artiste of The Year
The KORA All Africa Music Awards are officially open for entries from musicians from across the African continent and the diaspora.
The first music awards ceremony to celebrate excellence in musical artistry in Africa and the diaspora, the KORA Awards are set to take place on the 13th of December, 2015 in Windhoek, Namibia.  Featuring 27 categories across regions and genres, there is a monetary reward associated with each trophy, with the main prize, Best Artist of the Continent receiving a grand prize of USD 1 Million.
To be eligible for the Best Artist of the Continent trophy, an artist must have been voted the best of their region on the continent. The financial reward will only be given to award-winners who are in attendance at the awards ceremony – absent artists will be awarded  the trophy alone.  

The eligiblity requirements for the KORA All-Africa Music Awards 2015 are as follows:
  1. Kora Awards are opened to all musicians, singers of Africa and its diaspora living on the continent or abroad.
  2. The competition includes several awards -  each artist may enroll in one or more categories of their choice.
  3. The song or songs participating in the competition must have been published between January 1st, 2014 and July 15th , 2015.
  4. The songs must be of quality, must not be damaged and must be readable on any drive.
  5. The artist, author, or composer of the titles in competition must submit his / her application(s) to the KORA Awards’ Team on or  - the submissions deadline is the 20th July, 2015.
  6. Formal, written authorization must be sent to KORA Awards Committee. This authorization should communicate consent that the KORA Awards can use the artist’s image, videos, music and biography for promotion of the KORA’s 2015 edition.  This letter must be sent to or
The application must include the following elements:
a) digital version of the album
b)Two (2) high-resolution color publicity photographs in jpeg format (ideally between 500KB and 2MB’s)  - NOT passport or ID photograph;
c) A biography in French, English and Portuguese.
d) Digital copy of the video (High quality)

KORA All-Africa Music Awards - Categories and Prizes
  1. Best Male Artist - West Africa: 50 000$ USD

2.                  Best Female Artist -West Africa  :50 000$ USD

3.                  Best Male Artist -East Africa: 50 000$ USD

4.                  Best Female Artist - East Africa   :  50 000$ USD

5.                  Best Male Artist - Central Africa: 50 000 $ USD

6.                  Best Female Artist - Central Africa: 50 000$ USD

7.                  Best Male Artist of Southern Africa : 50 000$ USD

8.                  Best Female Artist - Southern Africa  :  50 000$ USD

9.                  Best Male Artist -North Africa  :      50 000$ USD

10.              Best African Group  : 20 000$ USD

11.              Best Male Artist - Spiritual Music  : 20 000$ USD

12.              Best Female Artist - Spiritual Music : 20 000$ USD
·  Best  Group -Spiritual Music  : 20 000$ USD

14.              Best Traditional Music Artist - male  :20 000$ USD

15.              Best Traditional Music Artist - Female : 20 000$ USD

16.              Best Traditional Music Group of Africa  : 20 000$ USD

17.              Most promising artist - Male  : 20 000$ USD

18.              Most promising artist - Female: 20 000$ USD

19.              Best  Artist of  the African Diaspora                             : 20 000$ USD

20.              Best Video of the year   : 20 000$ USD

21.              Best Collaboration of the year: 20 000$ USD

22.              Best Album of the year: 20 000$ USD

23.              Legend Award  : 50 000$ USD

24.              Best Hip Hop Artist : 20 000$ USD

25.              Best Urban Music Artist: 20 000$ USD

26.              Most Downloaded Song of the year: 20 000$ USD                     
Best Artist of the Continent: 1 000 000$ USD
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