Thursday, 25 June 2015


Six years ago today, the world lost a musical legend.
Michael Jackson passed away on June 25, 2009 aged 50 in his bed at his Los Angeles home from a cardiac arrest brought on by acute propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication.
His death was ruled homicide by the Los Angeles County Coroner and his personal physician Conrad Murray was later convicted of involuntary manslaughter.
From the radio to the Internet, the King of Pop is being remembered today for his legacy of music and superstardom.
While some make the trek to Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills, California, to view his grave, one website hosts an annual "A rose for Michael Jackson" event in which fans from around the world buy roses via Paypal and leave messages on a memorial page.
Many have been using social media to share their feelings of love and loss. A constant theme for fans has been that Jackson, who died from an overdose of propofol, will remain forever in the hearts of those who admired him.
Fans paid tribute to the late star today using the hashtag 

#6YearsWithoutMichaelJackson on Twitter.


Pop legend and icon Michael Jackson may have died 5 years ago, but he's still raking in the big bucks despite that. This is a testament to the King of Pop's commercial appeal and money magnetism, as Forbes has explained in its recent piece about his earnings.
"Michael Jackson's latest posthumous album, 'Xscape', debuted earlier this month with opening week sales of 157,000, landing at No. 2 on the Billboard albums chart," the business and finance site noted. "That will undoubtedly fatten the total amount the King of Pop has raked in since his death-well over $700 million in the past five years."
That's a lot of money - something still-alive Hollywood denizens can hardly match.
MJ's musical talents and releases may have overshadowed the fact that the superstar is actually business savvy. "In addition to releasing the best-selling album of all time and grossing hundreds of millions of the road, Jackson paved the way for modern musician-moguls by launching his own sneakers, clothes, video games and other ventures," Forbes continued. "His lifetime total: $1.1 billion, or just shy of $2 billion when accounting for inflation. Add adjusted posthumous figures, and the number soars to nearly $3 billion."

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