Thursday, 11 February 2016

SPOTLIGHT: 10 Questions For Pretty Nollywood Rising Star Actress, Funmi Awelewa

Nollywood fast rising actress, Funmi Awelewa is one of the new kids on the block to watch out for especially in the Yoruba genre of the Nigerian movie industry. The pretty and fashionable lady is getting all the desire attention from movie producers because of her skillful acting, pretty looks and fashion sense.
She recently debut as a producer with her comedy movie, Aromimawe. Acada recently caught up with her and she gave answers to our 10 questions. Except: 

1.     How did you get into acting? 
I got into the movie industry through the help of Sola Kosoko in August 2013, when I featured in her film titled Wosi Kenke before I later obtained form from Antar Laniyan who tutored me to become a bonafied Actress.

2.     You’re such a fashionable and stylish lady. Who handles your wardrobe?
I handle my wardrobe myself. I'm a creative designer and I go for what suits me. I sew and at times I shop by myself. 
3.     Life as an actress 

Life as an actress is another life entirely. Looking back on the life I've lived before and the one I’m living now it's totally different. There's no privacy, a lot of things to be done to keep the ball rolling. There is some places I do go to before but now I would have to think twice before going. Always scared of scandal and negative stories. The fame, the noise and all.
4.     How many movies have you starred in so far, and how many have you produced yourself?
I have starred in more than 27 movies; Ebu ika, Aruga, Koto, Ropo Ijogbon, Adalute, and many more. I have produced one and the title is AROMIMAWE.

5.     Favourite fashion designers and fashion items.
My  favorite designers are Givenchy, Tom Ford and Tissot. My favourite fashion items are Bags and Wristwatches.

6.     You are a beautiful lady, how do you control unwanted attention from men?
I ignore and move on. I don't allow distraction to get to me. I tried my best to be friendly to all, but them in check when they are about to cross their boundary.

7.    The Nigerian movie industry is full of beautiful actresses, what stands you out?
It's my talent and my originality that makes me stand out.

8.     Your beauty regimen.
I use products by Elizabeth Alden for my beauty routines. I exfoliate my skin to keep it glowing and visit the spa when the time permits.

9.     Aside acting, are you into some other form of business?
Yes, I am a Fashion Designer. I have a fashion house in Ibadan, and I do MC jobs too.

10. Dream and aspiration.
I want to inspire many people and be a blessing to my generation. With God everything is possible!

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