Thursday, 28 April 2016

Lil Kesh Leaves YBNL, Floats Own Label – YAGI

The rumours surrounding fast rising rapper, Lil Kesh’s exit of YBNL has finally been put to rest with Olamide himself confirming his exit

Speaking on Lil Kesh’s departure, Olamide wrote on his Instagram: “Good day guys, sorry we didn’t put guys in the loop. Maybe cause we see no point in bringing it up cause family is family, business or no business. “I signed 2 years deal with Viktoh and Kesh, it ended weeks ago. But the bond is 007 leave it (James Bond level), don’t touch it. “Kesh got his own record label now #YAGI but still works with YBNL Mngnt. Viktoh is still under YBNL Mngmnt too. So worry not. The world is ours for the taking #YBNL #FamilyForEver.”

Lil  Kesh also has corroborated Olamide's statement explaining his departure from YBNL via a post on Instagram  "Ok, so it's true that my contract ended about two weeks ago like we all know my contract with YBNL was for two years but that's the business side to it. And did I state that my contract included 3 videos for me and one album? But Baddo went out of his way to shoot about five videos for me. Business or no business YBNL is family and will always be till I go 6ft under the ground. YAGI records is real with the support of my big bro Olamide , YBNL , remains my management for life, YBNL doesn't just produce successful  artists, it produces artists that help produce other successful artists. That's the dream Baddo shared with me about a year ago." the rapper said.

Lil Kesh was signed in April 2014 after his introduction by Viktoh to the YBNL boss. He has since been on the rise, with successive hits gaining mass acceptance.  The rapper also released his debut album “Y.A.G.I”, earlier in 2016.

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