Friday, 8 April 2016

What Students Think About Campus Relationship

Cases of true love in the university are very rare. Speaking to students, they lambasted the practice while others welcome it.
While some of the students who believe in campus love say that they like to choose between tall and short, black and white, others don’t even know how to describe what love is, saying that to them it is a mystery and they just find themselves entangled in it. 
Ibrahim Abulhadi, a 200-level agricultural science student, said that the “campus is a society on its own and, therefore, matters of love and relationship must be part and parcel of the system,” adding: “I am not in love with any female colleague on campus. I just think it’s right to pursue my primary objective by studying hard and every other thing comes later.”
Zainab Abdullahi, an English language student, said: “Love in campus is a kind of relationship created by students. It occurs sometimes naturally and it could lead to marriage. But sometimes it ends at school.

“Having a love partner in campus does not mean a student should divert his/her mind from academic activities.”
Also, Halima Ingaski, a 300-level Law student, opined that “love in campus is a minus to me because I come to the university in search of knowledge, not love”.
Another student, Rabiat Mu’azu, said: “There is nothing like love in campus, but it is good to have a person that you love to be with.”
Aremu Mubarak said: “Coupling on campus is of benefit to those students who engage in love for honesty reasons and have the determination to achieve their aims and objectives, aid themselves financially and through their academic pursuit, share experiences to do what is good and refrain from doing what is bad.”
He said that most students are carried away with the so-called “love,” leading them astray, destruction and even misfortune in life.

Yasin wrote from Usmanu Danfodio University, Sokoto

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