Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Wizkid vs Linda: Top Celebrity, Toni Payne Slams Linda Ikeji

…Called Blogger, an hypocrite

Toni Payne,  the ex-wife of Afro-pop music star, 9ice, has lashed out at celebrity blogger, Linda ikeji, describing her as an hypocrite who has caused more women pains through her blog.
Toni, via her Twitter page, has reacted to the lengthy message Linda posted on her blog explaining her reasons for reporting music star, Wizkid to the Police authorities after he threatened to send his 16 year old cousin to beat her up.
The popular blogger had pulled the gender card, saying Wizkid needed to be dealt with for promoting violence against women. However in a series of tweets, Toni Payne accused the popular blogger of hypocrisy, saying she was more detrimental via her actions to the cause of women than what Wizkid is accused of.
Toni’s tweets: “You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”.

“Someone who bullies you when she suspects you don’t like her. Thank God, God raise Toke, Tonto, Lola and many others above her malice”.
“Let not even bring late Goldie & how she was bullied mercilessly. Then all of a sudden she was a friend after she died. If d dead can speak”.
“My own started after I made a snide remark about not wanting my champagne life on her blog cos of negativity. After that sh*t hit the roof.
“I can respect a fair & balanced reporting but I can NEVER respect anyone who uses their platform to hurt those she feel has issues with her”.
“I love my women folk but I’m sorry I will never stand with another woman when I know in my heart she is a foul”.
“She has influenced a truck load of unprofessional copy and pasters who just don’t care. They post any and anything fake! Dumb headlines too”.
“They have singlehandedly destroyed what journalism is in Nigeria! Even the “used to be” credible paper follow join too”.
“There have been many stories she published and she later found she was wrong but never for ONCE apologized or retracted cos of stupid pride!”
“Unfortunately, Naija is a country where if you flash money, all your wrongs will look right to SOME…It doesn’t change when something is wrong”.
“Someone will purposely try 2 drive u to insanity & cos she flashes money, some will say she is doing her job. Doing your job is being objective.”
Toni, a TV host and entrepreneur, also accused Linda of once defaming other popular Nigerians including Afro pop king Femi Kuti, who she claimed had DNA test run on all his kids to ascertain their paternity.
She accused the 37-year old blogger of not being able to take a dose of her own medicine with specific reference to the epic meltdown the famous blogger underwent after she was called out over a fake Hermes Birkin bag.
“It’s also funny to me how when the shoe was on the other foot with her fake bent Birkin, she had a meltdown!…and true to form a lot of “celebrities” are scared to speak up cos they don’t want her “wahala” but talk behind her back…RUBBISH!
Toni said while she wouldn’t condone the “dirty words” Wizkid used against Linda, but the blogger got her match in the singer.
“I don’t condone violence and Wiz shouldn’t have said those words out of anger but she isn’t innocent in this either”.
“When she said “let me leave u before I finish ur career” those were VERY conscious words based on EXPERIENCE! She feels she has that power.”
Toni Payne is an advocate against cyber bullying, and she addresses the issue on her podcast from time to time.
Additional info: PM News

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