Saturday, 30 July 2016

10 Things To Learn from Toyin Aimakhu and #SaveMayowa Saga

1. Despite the bad economic situation of the country, it still shows that Nigerians are compassionate people. 

2. As a Celebrity, fan base cannot be ignored or joked with. The sum of N30m was raised in less than 72 hours due to Toyin Aimakhu's intervention and Instagram videos she did with Mayowa, which went viral and made many people to contribute to save the ailing lady. 

3. Emotional control. One shouldn't allow his or her emotions to get over him or her, especially celebrities. Maybe Toyin didn't realize that more harm could be done to the lady via emotional trauma by her actions or even to her own image.

Nollywood star actress, Toyin Aimakhu

4. Double check information before reacting. If Toyin Aimakhu have been patient enough and investigated the information she received about Mayowa's case (through Aramide Kasumu of Life Stake Foundation) that the ailment is 'beyond treatment', possibly there wouldn't have been uproar and the Fund-raising Scam Saga. 

5. It's important for celebrities to employ publicist and seasoned managers who can handle their image and public relations. Instead of the dramas that followed the whole scam saga, all Toyin would have done is to issue a press statement to absolve herself from any negative reports and not dragging issues with anyone. 

6. Even if Toyin had over-reacted, the family of Mayowa doesn't have to resort to insulting her over who informed Linda Ikeji or not. Because truth be told, if not for Toyin's involvement, many may not have heard of the case not to talk of contributing to the funds. 

7. Media houses should be careful about reporting what they term Exclusives or Breaking News without doing proper investigations to know which is true or not. Even if you're writing gossips or 'exclusives' there are ways to report such to avoid damages to parties involved. 

8. Many people just jump on issues on social media without thinking deeply or find out the truth. This Scam Saga just proved that once again. It's even so funny that many people are even blaming the sick lady for what happened. Think before you talk or contribute to issues. 

9. Like it is said in PR, no bad publicity. The scam saga has made Toyin Aimakhu to be more popular and win over more fans. She only needs to be smart to leverage on this. 

10. Above all, don't write off anybody situation. Even if it's the last breath, God can still turn the situation around. No one will ever want their loved ones to die, even if they tell them all hope is lost, they will still have that small atom of hope that miracle can still happen. And don't stop doing good, even if you don't get a thank you. God rewards goodness. 


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