Friday, 29 July 2016

Sanctimonious Professor Johnbull Misses It In Episode 2, Rues Wrongly Accusing Daughter

Professor Johnbull, the best-in-class TV drama series exclusively sponsored by Globacom on Tuesday night treated Nigerians to uncommon hilarity and bliss as the second episode, Eliza, My Daughter, was aired on NTA Network, NTA International and Startimes channels.
The episode commenced with the protagonist, Professor Johnbull (Kanayo O Kanayo) pruning his garden plants, and savouring Flavour's latest song, which incidentally is the soundtrack for the drama series.
The entrance of Professor Johnbull's engineer son, Churchill sparked off a discourse in which the Professor sought to know who repaired his transistor radio and made it possible for him to enjoy the radio set once again. Churchill's response that he did led to a conversation between father and son on which career Churchill should pursue. "I am highly impressed with your genius in fixing gadgets", Professor Johnbull remarked as he tried to dissuade his son from becoming a musician, describing his plan to choose music as a career as "arrant balderdash". Convinced that music was his calling, Churchill respectfully restated his passion for music.

Whilst the dialogue ensued, Elizabeth (Queen Nwokoye) bolted out of the main house, looking sickly and vomiting.
Amidst the bedlam, Mai Doya (Funky Mallam) arrived to reveal that his wife was pregnant, adding that she was vomiting all over their house. That revelation made Professor Johnbull to assume that his undergraduate daughter who was also vomiting might be pregnant.  
His countenance changed. Rather than showing empathy and concern for Elizabeth, he chased her into the house with her sibling and maid, Caro (Mercy Johnson-Okogie).
He took time to listen to Mai Doya for further clarifications on the nexus between pregnancy and vomiting. The more he heard about it, the more convinced he was that someone had put his unmarried daughter in the family way.
This led Prof Johnbull to take a series of rash steps in a bid to confirm if his daughter was pregnant or not and who was responsible. 
After carrying out what he termed "optical examination and initial parental diagnosis" of checking the body temperature and eyes of Eliza for signs of pregnancy, Professor Johnbull clandestinely procured pregnancy testing strips from a local pharmaceutical shop, and enlisted the help of Caro as well as a medical doctor, acted by Pascal Atumah, to unravel the pregnancy mystery.
Interestingly, in her characteristic 'local' manner, Caro gave the pregnancy testing strip to her lover boy, Olaniyi, the nkwobi seller, acted by Yomi Fash-Lanso, who turned the issue to a communal discussion involving Mai Doya and Samson, the "adjudicator" acted by the comedian, Ogus Baba to bring Professor Johnbull to ridicule. 
The drama also promoted personal hygiene by teaching proper handling of drugs and covering of nose whilst sneezing.
The action climaxed when the doctor's report showed a negative pregnancy result for Elizabeth, a self-acclaimed "strong advocate of no conjugal affiliation before matrimony". Professor Johnbull swallowed the humble pie by "professorially" apologising to his daughter.
The all-encompassing closing remarks of Professor Johnbull, who punctuated his remarks with the interjection of "Mon Dieu!" was vintage as he submitted that "by not trusting my trustworthy daughter, I could easily have destroyed the trust and love that existed in my family. Oh yes, I overdid this one!". 
He advised parents against over-reacting and being overtly suspicious of their girls despite the prevalence of sexual immorality amongst the youth. 

The program, powered by Globacom, is broadcast on Tuesdays at 8.30pm on NTA Network, NTA International and Startimes while the repeat episode us aired on Fridays on the same channels at the same time.

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