Tuesday, 16 August 2016

GLO Adds Over 5m New Subscribers in 1 Year, Grows Market Share to 24%

Data grandmasters, Globacom, has grown its share of the country’s telecommunications market from 21 percent to 24 percent, having garnered a record 68 percent of all additional GSM lines in the country in the last 12 months.

This emerged from the latest industry statistics of the past one year published on the website of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).

According to the figures released by NCC, a total of 7,477,977 new lines were activated between June 2015 and June 2016. Out of these, Globacom recorded 5,063,895 new subscribers, representing 68 percent of the total new additions, while Airtel added 2,414,082 new customers.

Two operators, MTN and Etisalat, were on the losing end. Etisalat lost 382,336 subscribers, while MTN lost a total of 4, 403,344 subscribers in the last one year.

In effect, MTN which hitherto held over 45 percent share of the market had 39 percent by the end of June with a total of 58.4 million subscribers, down from the 62,813,111 subscribers it had by the same time the previous year.

Consequently, Glo has significantly narrowed the gap between it and MTN, while creating a substantial gap between it and Airtel. Both Glo and Airtel were at par in market share only three months ago with each having 21percent.

Airtel grew its subscriber base from 29,564,766 at the middle of last year, to 31,978,848 at the end of June 2016. This still keeps it at 21 percent share of the GSM market. Conversely, Etisalat recorded 22,469,896 customers at the end of June, 2016, down from 22,852,232 at the same time last year.

The growth indicated for Globacom in this latest release from NCC is consistent with the pattern of growth the operator has recorded in the data market in the last one and half years.

In June 2016, for instance, while the industry gained a total of 318, 008 new internet subscribers, Globacom alone had 272,674 of the new customers. In essence, Globacom accounted for about 86 percent of the total internet subscriber acquisitions in the industry in June.

The massive network rehabilitation, modernisation and optimisation carried out by Globacom have apparently expanded the operator’s network capacity, improving service quality levels across all categories of its services.

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