Thursday, 11 August 2016

SPONSORED FEATURE – TECNO C9: That Moment When Everything Clicks

Anytime I go visiting my friends during the summer, I notice they always have a long list of places to take me to. Sometimes, it’s a new club or a new mall; sometimes it’s just to see a new building or a new bridge.

Since the opportunity only comes once in a while, I decided I needed to do something about it this time around. Luckily for me, I had my TECNO Camon C9 as a part of my “Fun-Gear” kit. With its panoramic view and 13MP front camera, every girl wanted to take a picture with me. And I mean…every girl. I had a different girl at every venue. At the mall, one of them wanted a wide angle picture with me in front of the cinema. Another wanted one with us in front of the fountain so I used my Quick Snap. I even managed to capture a random babe passing by with my Super Auto Focus.

As a sharp guy, my reputation sky-rocketed beyond my own imagination. I suddenly remembered my mother’s voice right before I left home; “Don’t forget where you are from or whose son you are”. I laughed hard. Yes! Mother, I am your first born son, the correct Naija boy with all these babes hanging around me. Even my friends are excited…not because of the trips, but because they want to get their own TECNO Camon C9s and the phone is pocket friendly. As per, omo boys, we have to be sharp now.

So on my vacation checklist; my holiday clicked. Seeing new places clicked. Meeting new friends clicked. And of course…getting a new babe clicked too. Trust me, I can access over 120GB of proof on my phone because having Octa-core processor & 2GB RAM is not child’s play.

Make your own moments click too and get a TECNO Camon C9 today.

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