Thursday, 8 September 2016

Former SO&U Good Hand, Goes the Digital Way with BB Buzz

Yomi Olaniwun
Yomi Olaniwun, a consummate marketing practitioner is the founder and Chief Engagement Officer, BB Buzz. He managed local and global brands at different times of his career while working with SO&U. He led the project team for the launch of Guinness New Pack (Colourful world of More Concert) as one of the highpoints of his sojourn in paid employment. He fielded a couple of questions as BB Buzz Chief. 

What is BBBuzz all about? 
Bold Brand Buzz Ltd is a Digital Marketing Agency. We used blogging as an entry strategy. We offer Social Media & Influencer Marketing services. These also covers publicity, damage control and media monitoring. Our blog help brands speak the language the youths understand. 85% of our social media followers are less than 30yrs.
 BB Buzz means BOLD BRAND BUZZ. We needed the acronym BB, because it was the most attractive “digital speak” as at then. Most people still think BB stands for Blackberry. BB Buzz was registered as a business on the 5th of November 2012 but it didn’t become operational until two years after. Even after the two years, it was only the blogging arm of the business that was functional.

 You were in the creative business with SO&U, why did the detour to go the digital way. Does this mean advertising no longer has the buzz? 
I was the project head for Maltina Dance All a few years ago, during the project, I pushed a lot of communication materials on my personal social media accounts and I saw the mileage in terms of talkability for the project. Also the traffic it pulled to the show. That gave me a strong insight into the future of what “Pop Culture” would be. It would be centered on the digital. That is why, I made a detour to digital marketing and today we are a leading agency when it comes to Influencer Marketing. We are extremely good at it.
The agency’s vision is to become the most reliable Digital Marketing Agency. Our mission is to consistently deliver effective results for our clients. 

Are you sure there is market for this type of business or it’s just a fad? 
Before now, BB Buzz was just a side business for me. There was always a demand for our service. It was bringing in a lot of briefs but I couldn’t attend to most of them because I was working with SO& U then. But my visit to Atlanta in 2015 changed my perception about Digital Marketing. It is a business to be taken very seriously. And there’s a huge market for it in Nigeria.

What is the BBBuzz edge?

Over the last one or two years, some of the most interesting campaigns that have been on social media had the inputs of BBbuzz. We are knowledgeable about the Social Media space. We easily identify our client’s target audience, what their interests are and where they live online. Though we started with the blog as an entry strategy, we now handle back ends for brands on the digital platform. 

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