Thursday, 8 September 2016

Professor Johnbull Frowns At Indecent Dressing In Episode 8, Makes AY To Drop Sagging

Indecent dressing by young men was the focus of Episode eight of the Glo-sponsored T.V drama series, Professor Johnbull which was televised last Tuesday on NTA International, NTA Network and NTA on Startimes
The eighth episode titled Happening Guys exposes the foolishness and irrationality of ‘sagging’, a dress code perpetuated by young men in the name of fashion.
The episode opens with Dudus (Ayo Makun) and Elizabeth (Queen Nwokoye) in Churchill’s room having a conversation. Professor Johnbull enters the room unannounced, speaking in his usual grandiloquent manner and is taken aback, seeing the young man all alone with his daughter in Churchill’s room.
He queries the man’s mission and is alarmed to see his pair of jeans trousers pulled below his butts. Speaking in an American accent and slang, he tells the professor that ‘sagging’ is the latest fashion trend and that the professor is of the medieval era.

The professor orders him out of his house. Taking a second look at his ‘sagged’ jeans as he makes for the door, the professor asks:       “what is your waist size?” Dudus replies, “thirty four” and the professor ask again “and what is the size you are wearing”. The professor is jolted when Dudus replies “swag sixty.”
The professor warns her daughter Elizabeth that Dudus must not be seen at least twenty kilometer radius from his home. When Elizabeth pleads with her father to reconsider his stance, the professor dismisses Dudus as a “common, itinerant, nomadic, cloth merchant with no decency to pull up his trousers”.
On his way from Olaniyi’s restaurant, the professor finds Flash Boy talking with Jumoke, wearing a sagged pair of white shorts. He is aghast at the sight and chides Jumoke for indulging him. The professor warns Flash Boy not to come close to his home dressed in ‘sagged’ shorts.
The Professor returns home to find Dudus in his premises, again dressed in sagged jeans. He runs into the house to fetch a machete but is accosted by Elizabeth who appeals to him.
The episode climaxes when Dudus is embarrassed at a restaurant where he went on a date with Elizabeth and forgets his wallet. He is stripped of his shoes and other valuables by the security men who make an allusion to his dress sense.
Elizabeth rues her experience with Dudus at the restaurant as she narrates the incident to her father, saying that "if Dudus had been well dressed, he wouldn’t have been treated the way he was".
In his concluding statement, the professor advises young men to dress responsibly. He tells young men that people are treated and addressed the way they dress.
The underlying theme of the episode projects the folly of indecent dressing and its consequences. The sitcom teaches salient societal values and the plot and storyline is commendable. A mix of elevated, simple and ‘grass root’  language was well deployed to pass the message across.
Professor Johnbull is sponsored by Globacom.

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