Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Did the First Images of Supreme and Louis Vuitton's Rumored Collaboration Just Leak?

It appears Supreme and Louis Vuitton are ready to put their tumultuous past behind them. The hotly anticipated collaboration between the streetwear label and the ultra-luxe Paris fashion house could be just around the corner, after what look to be leaked images featuring various items from the high profile collaboration popped up on Instagram Tuesday. 
One of the leaks came straight from Luis Vuitton’s Artistic Director Kim Jones, who posted (then quickly deleted) an Instagram featuring a sticker mash-up of the two brands.

The collaboration, when released, is expected to be one of the most monumental and sought after fashion items of the year, especially since just over a decade ago Supreme and LV were at war after Supreme dropped a skate deck with LV’s monogram plastered all over it. At the time, the French label was adamant that all decks using its logo be torched.
Since then, the line between streetwear and high fashion has collapsed (thanks Virgil Abloh!) and a collaboration between two of the most popular brands in their respective spaces was only a matter of time. 

The question now becomes: will the cool kids and fashionistas embrace this collision of worlds? Judging by the online reaction to the leaked pieces, the answer is a resounding: HELL YES. 

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