Wednesday, 8 March 2017

INSPIRATIONAL: You Can’t Help Everyone – Onyeka Nwelue

I grew up with bipolar disorder. I was angry all the time; excited easily. If I stayed in one place for long, I would think of death. When I eventually went to India, I was diagnosed and told what to do. Just like me, there are many other young Nigerians.
Just like me, I have lost a friend recently to mental illness. He does not talk to anyone. My advice: buy a headphone, stuff your phone with music, the little money you have, travel often with it.
Stop listening to people's problems. You can't help everyone. If you go mad, everyone will abandon you. I have visited lots of shrinks, so I know better. Some of us are mentally unstable. We only control them by making these sorts of posts and traveling and remembering our boarding gates and travel itineraries.

Just like me. I am not ashamed to say my abnormality is not known to me. I know I am. But lots of young people who swim in codeine don't want to accept this reality!

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