Thursday, 10 August 2017

No decision has been taken on fees yet - Legon Dean of Students


The Dean of Students for the University of Ghana says he is not aware of any directive to pay fees from last semester.
Following the directive of the National Council of Tertiary Education for students in all public tertiary institutions to maintain the fees they paid in the previous semester, the Dean of Students of the University has said that no decision has been taken by the school in support or against order.
The Dean, Professor Nunoo said that not official statement has reached the university administration and that their only awareness of any such directive was through social media.
‘We have seen it in the media…. we have a meeting next week and when we meet I’m sure this issue would come up so we would be properly informed. But I’ve not received any communication to this effect’ he told LegonConnect.
Meanwhile The Executive Secretary of Vice Chancellors Ghana, an association representing all vice chancellors in the country told LegonConnect that the National Council of Tertiary Education is their regulatory body and as such students can go by their directive until the association comes out with a statement at the right time.
Although, there has been some form of confusion as to what specific amount of fees students should be paying for the academic year that is about to commence, this information is concrete enough clarify all doubts.

Students are therefore advised to pay the same amount of fees they paid from the previous semester until parliament resumes from its recess and the fees sent by the various university councils are approved.

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