Thursday, 10 August 2017

Two students of University Of Ghana arrested for posting nudes online for airtime

The suspects are in the custody of the Cyber Crime Unit of the Police as thorough investigation into the case are being conducted

Two first-year students of the University of Ghana have been apprehended by police for allegedly coercing some Junior High School Students for their nude pictures and blackmailing them with the pictures.

 The suspects, Desmond Appleton and Elvin Boakye Agyemangwere reported by parents of the victims to the Cyber Crime Unit of the Police service for allegedly posting the nude pictures of the underage students.
The victims are students from the ages of 14 to 16 in unnamed Junior High Schools in Accra.
According to a report from Daily Graphic, one of the suspects, Elvin Boakye Agyemang became friends with one of the victims after he came to sell T shirts in her school.
They started communicating on social media app, Telegram through which he convinced the victim to send him nude pictures of herself which she obliged.
After the victim sent the pictures, Elvis leveraged on it to demand even more pictures, call credits and other items threatening to post the pictures online of she didn’t.
Out of the fear of been exposed, the victim agreed to his demands until she decided not to and deleted the application.

The suspect apparently posted the nude pictures online and eventually was seen by one of the teachers of the victim who reported the case to their parents.

Chief Superintendent Dr Gustav, Herbert Yankson, Director of the Unit told the newspaper that the suspects were arrested after an official complaint was sent to them by the parents of one of the victims.

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