Monday, 11 December 2017

KOK says every small business has potential to grow in new episode of Professor Johnbull

The potential of every small business to grow to bigger companies is the focus of the fourth episode of season five of Glo-sponsored TV drama series, Professor Johnbull. 
Entitled Get Rich Quick, the episode is a clarion call on the youth and families at large to shun the attitude of getting rich at all cost, a social malady that has been accepted as a norm in society.
It highlights how youths, in their bid to acquire wealth, throw decency and decorum to the winds, using the emergency road repairs as case study where people pretend to be filling up pot holes in order to deceive commuters to give them money.
Professor Johnbull, (Kanayo O. Kanayo) who stated that "every business has the chance to grow" counsels youths to remain focused on whatever business they are nurturing so that they can discover the potentials which will grow the vocation over time.
He also expatiated on the negative effects of get rich quick syndrome, explaining that being rich does not translate to happiness as riches and happiness are independent of each other.
In Get Rich Quick, the trio of Flash (Stephen Odimgbe), Samson (Ogus Baba) and the perpetual student, Ilodibe Macachukwu, go into gambling and they successfully  lure (Osita Iheme), a.k.a Boam,  into diverting the money meant for the academic's nkwobi to gambling and he ended up losing the entire amount in the process. 

Television viewers across the country are in for a good time when the programme comes up on Tuesday at 8.30 p.m. on NTA network and on NTA International on Channel 251 on DSTV as well as Startimes. A repeat broadcast of Get Rich Quick comes up on Friday at the same time on the same stations. 

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