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I Hate Lazy People – Ojediran Jamiu Abiodun (CEO - Climax Travels)

Climax Travel is no newbie when it comes to artistes’ promotion and arranging overseas tours for Nigerian acts. Following his passion for the Nigerian budding entertainment industry, he has helped in the growth of many Nigerian acts and also pushing them unto the international scene. In this exclusive interview with ACADA Magazine, he shared with us his foray into the showbiz world and how’s he’s been coping joggling showbiz with his travel agency business.

How has it been so far running a Travel Agency and an entertainment company?
Honestly, it has been really challenging infact; it is a herculean taste considering the diverse nature of our business which involves managing the office and ensuring progress on the field, in terms of the out-of-office responsibilities.
Climax with B-Red

Climax with ancestor, 9ice

How did you get the travel agency business off ground?
Sincerely speaking, it’s about a decade now. Though it’s more than that when you consider the fact that I started this business as a student on the higher institution because I had the entrepreneurial spirit from the outset, but we have been running an office with effective organizational set up for about a decade.

What were the initial challenges?
Financial challenges and the low level of development in Nigeria’s travel industry posed hindrances. Financiers find it difficult to support us because it is more of a service industry not a production or manufacturing type.

What prompts you into going into music promotions?
Climax with Q-Dot
Music is a language which connects the world and it has become an effective branding tool for countries. Some countries are highly respected today because of certain music stars from those countries that are globally celebrated. Talk of Davido, Wizkid 9ICE and people will readily refer to Nigeria. I went into music because of my understanding of the benefits of music as a means of propagating tourism, and my study in travels and hospitality at Sunderland University in the UK made me realize that music has a huge role to play in advancing the travels, tourism and hospitality industry. Above all, it’s a lucrative industry so my passion, professional calling and industrial benefits inspired my move into the industry.

Which artistes have you worked with so far?

Many promoters do complain about Nigerian artistes giving them problems when they take them abroad, have you had any nasty experience with these artistes?
Nigerian artistes are just like any other person. We all have our shortcomings, so we try to manage issues for the mutual benefit of all concerned. It’s all about focusing on the win win philosophy in all our business interactions.

The Nigerian and African music is growing big in the UK and US, what do you think is responsible for this?
We have a large population of Nigerians in the United States and the United Kingdom. Both countries accommodate lots of Nigerians compared to other countries and we speak English just like them. So, the language affinity, colonial background with UK and identical lifestyle can be held responsible for that.

Can you share with us, your family and educational background?
I grow up with my siblings under an industrious father and visionary mother. They instilled wholesome values of hard work, dignity, integrity, honesty and godliness in us. My brothers are doing well and my elder sister is doing well, am the last born of the family. I’m married with a daughter and a son. I had Ordinary National Diploma (OND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) in Town and Regional Planning at Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro. But for the quest I have for travel and tourism, I later bagged B.Sc and M.Sc from University of Sunderland United Kingdom in International Tourism and Hospitality Management.

What is your personal style?
I keep it simple and I always strive to be given and considerate. My doors are open to all, anytime of the day, provided you have a genuine goal you want to share with me. Life is too short so I don’t create time for layabouts. I love fashion, looking good is good business to me. In life, fairness is my creed and moderation is my template.

So tell us, what is your favourite fashion item?
Shirts, I go gaga with Givenchy

Your favourite fashion designer(s).
Givenchy of course.

Your signature perfume.
I am not a perfume freak.

What artiste are you listening to now?
All. I’m a music promoter so I keep my ears on ground always for all kinds of music. I listen to all music presently as long as it is not devilish or demonic.

What are the things that motivate you?
I love seeing people around me achieving their goals. That motivates me.

How do you relax?
I relax with my wife and children at home, and share in their intimate times.

What is your perception about money?
Money is a tool for achieving your goals especially business and career goals, and it is also a means through which you can support other people to achieve their dreams.

What is your philosophy of life?
Give your best to life and be prepared to go the extra mile, and life will reward you bountifully.

Who is Climax?
Someone who wants to do his best to engage others through job creation.

What is your advice for young people out there that want to start up a business?
They should believe in their dreams, seek advice from those already in their chosen line of business, and then pursue their business dream. Obstacles will arise, but they should not give up

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