Friday, 11 May 2018

Donald Trump Mocks UK Over Knifing Crimes


DONALD Trump Has Blasted London As A “War Zone” In The Wake Of A Horror Surge In Knife Crime That Continues To Grip The Capital.

Using A Gathering Of The Thousands At The National Rifle Association As His Platform, He Dubbed An Unknown London Hospital “A War Zone For Horrible Stabbing Wounds”.
He Told A Swarm Of Supporters: “I Recently Read A Story That In London, Which Has Unbelievably Tough Gun Laws, A Once Very Prestigious Hospital Right In The Middle Is Like A War Zone For Horrible Stabbing Wounds.
“They Don't Have Guns. They Have Knives And Instead There's Blood All Over The Floors Of This Hospital.
“They Say It's As Bad As A Military Warzone Hospital. Knives, Knives, Knives, Knives,” He Added, Making A Stabbing Motion.
He Concluded: “London Hasn't Been Used To That. They're Getting Used To It. It's Pretty Tough.”

Mr Trump’s Condemnation Comes After A Terrifying Spike Of Fatal Stabbings In The City.
On Wednesday, Two 17-Year-Old Girls Were Attacked After A Social Media Row Spilled Out Onto A Street.
Both Girls Are Recovering At Home And Another Girl Has Been Arrested After Police Launched An Investigation Into The Attack In West Kensington.
However, Doctors And Legislators In The United Kingdom Are Appalled By US President Donald Trump’s Off-Handed Comments On Knife Crime In London, Taking To Twitter To Express Their Anger.

Reacting To Trump's Pro-Gun Remarks At A National Rifle Association (NRA) Convention In Dallas, Texas, On Friday That Included A Reference To A London Hospital As A "War Zone" Due To An Earlier Knife Attack In The City, Doctors In The UK Capital Took To Social Media To Explain That Knife Crime In London Is In No Way Related To The Lack Of Gun Controls In The US.

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