Thursday, 13 June 2013

Frequently Asked Questions - Spinlet Etisalat Music

What is the Etisalat Spinlet Music Service?  
The Etisalat Spinlet Music Service is a co-branded digital music App. that allows Etisalat's subscribers to have access to the large catalogue of songs available on Spinlet.   

On what devices can I get the service?  
It is available on legacy BlackBerry Phones (OS 5, 6 and 7), Phones running Android (EG; Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Huawei, Tecno] from Android 2.3 and above, Nokia Symbian S^3 and Nokia Asha Java Phones.   
By subscribing to the 2-day, weekly or monthly Plan, Etisalat's customers can stream unlimited ad free songs, download songs for offline play without depleting their mobile data or phone credit. Data is bundled with each plan.  

Where can I download it?  
You can download the Etisalat Spinlet Music app by pointing your browser to or the Application Store of your mobile phone—BlackBerry World, Google Play Store, Nokia Store.  

How do I subscribe to any of the plans available?  
Launch the Spinlet App, go to your account and select one of the three available plans  

What are the different plans available with the new Etisalat Spinlet Music?  
Spinlet 2-Day Plan - Unlimited ad-free music streaming, 40MB of full songs downloaded. Costs N75. Estimated number of full song download is 10.  
This subscription will be renewed and billed automatically every two days until cancelled.   
Spinlet Weekly Plan - Unlimited Ad-free streaming, 150mb of full songs downloads. Costs N250.Estimated number of full song download is 40.  
 This subscription will be renewed and billed automatically every seven days until cancelled.   
Spinlet Monthly Plan - Unlimited Ad-free music streaming, 400mb of full song downloads. Costs N500. Estimated number of full song download is 100.
 This subscription will be renewed and billed automatically every month until cancelled.
How much does the app cost?
It is free to download the app. However, you will be required to register to start using the app.

What is the difference between the Etisalat Spinlet Music App and the regular Spinlet App?
The Etisalat Spinlet Music App has some perks and bonuses that are only available to those having Etisalat SIMs and are subscribed to the service. The special codes for getting the app can only work on an Etisalat SIM While others are billed using their mobile data or WiFi.Those using Etisalat will have allocated data that will be associated with each plan and won't have to buy extra data plans to stream or download. 

I can’t see the new app and I am an Etisalat subscriber?
Depending on the phone you are using, go to the application store, the updated one will be available for download—BlackBerry World, Google Play Store, Nokia Store .

My Spinlet app is no longer working?
Grab an updated version in the Application Store.

How do I get the new/updated Spinlet App?
Point the browser of your phone to and follow the instruction on how to download.

How does one pay for subscription?
You can pay for subscription with your mobile phone credit from Etisalat

What happens if I exhaust the data bundle that comes with my subscription?
When you exhaust the data bundle that comes with your subsritption, streaming and download will be charged to your Etisalat mobile phone credit, available data bundle or WiFi.

How do I stop auto-renewal of my plan?
To stop auto-renewal, send STOP to 7455 or just click to unsubscribe from your account setting within the app.

I am on BlackBerry, but still want to use the Etisalat Spinlet Plan, do I get the same amount of data or will I be using my BIS?
Yes, you get the same amount of data. The Spinlet data can only be used to access the Spinlet Digital Music Service.

If I exhaust the data allotted to me, do I stop having access to Spinlet or am I switched automatically to BIS?
You will be reverted to BIS once the Spinlet Data is exhausted.

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