Wednesday, 24 July 2013

BOMBSHEL!!! - #BBATheChase: ‘I’ve slept with men for money to take care of my family’ Beverly Osu reveals

Beverly Ada Osu, Nigeria’s representative can’t seem to keep her personal business out of the competition but then again that’s what reality shows are for right?
While sharing one of her many precious moments with ‘boyfriend’ Angelo, Beverly, 21, disclosed to her ‘boyfi’ that at one point in her life, she slept with men for money to take care of her family while her mother was away in the US.
I’ve done all sorts. I’ve slept with men for money when I had to take care of my family‘, she confided in South African rep Angelo. Earlier, Beverly had revealed that she had a four-month baby aborted and that her mother was deported from the US.
She also stated that she has never regret ‘drinking, smoking, clubbing, partying, meeting with people’ except dating her ex-boyfriend 2shotz. The rapper weeks ago denied getting engaged with the video vixen/model.

Beverly shocked Nigerian audiences when she got extra cosy with Angelo two weeks ago.

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