Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Lagos Based Radio Presenter Blast Prisoner Who Bagged B.Sc While In Prison –

Please use your words to uplift people – it goes a long way. Imagine if this OAP had used this as an example saying if this person behind bars could do it, why not you who is free? The positive impact would certainly help more people.

You remember the Story we posted about a Prisoner in Kirikiri who Earned B.Sc Certificate in one of Nigeria Universities?

Quite disappointed! On my way from work two days ago, I tuned in to Nigeria Info 99.3 FM which has become my habit since after my recent programme with them. Ordinarily, my car radio is tuned to Lagos Traffic Radio 96.1 FM every evening. The guy on air remarked that a prisoner serving life sentence at Kirikiri Maximum Security Prisons just bagged a degree in Human Resource Management from the National Open University of Nigeria.

The presenter, a radio personality who has the power to influence the mindset of over 2 million people right from his cubicle made a jest of that achievement by asking ‘of what need is the degree to a prisoner doing life sentence’. I had to focus on my driving to hold myself.

How can a journalist who should be in the know ask such question? To say I was miffed is an understatement. Nothing captures the intellectual decadence in our society more than such thinking, and that’s why we graduate hundreds of thousands annually who come out of the universities thinking the only reason for acquiring education is getting a job. And when there’s no job, frustration sets in.

The prisoner has a right to improve the state of his mind. He has the right go upgrade his faculties. And he has the right to stretch his imagination to discover the beauty of the hidden truths more information and knowledge can uncover. Life is far more than jobs and people don’t necessarily need education to have jobs.

I am so disappointed that a radio host who should educate is misleading the people by his utterances. More so, he failed to highlight the fact that if a prisoner can achieve this, then it’s an encouragement to others. Moreover, it is a pointer that the prisons are becoming human. All these points he failed to project, rather he made a jest of a man who refused to allow the physical wall of the prisons erect another walls around his mind.

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  1. He must go to prison too and let's c how far he can pull tru reason why I 8 OAP's... Empty barrels running dirty mouths often times...

    I'm @AdemolaMoreklue