Monday, 3 February 2014


First Bank started 2014 on a high note as they celebrate their 120th anniversary this year. Amidst the celebration and fanfare, the company unveiled a new logo.
The largest financial services group in Nigeria assured customers that the logo change would not in any way affect the services they already enjoy from First Bank. 

In fact, the brand refresh is designed to renew our existing promise to place our customers, stakeholders and partners at the heart of our business, says Mallam Bello Maccido, Group CEO, FBN Holdings.

The iconic Elephant symbol remains the same with new changes including; a higher head demonstrating stature and pride, a larger tusk indicating age and heritage.

The ear is less pointy and friendlier. The trunk is longer and lifted. The end of the trunk is no longer curled inward but it pointing outwards showing pride and charisma. The eye is looking up into the future and to the new horizons for the banking group.

We hope everyone shares our excitement and enthusiasm as we press forward with a renewed zeal and commitment to our next level of growth, says Maccido.

First Bank Of Nigeria is the principal subsidiary of FBN Holdings and has operations in eleven countries (Nigeria, England, France, South Africa, China, UAE, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea and Sierra Leone).

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