Saturday, 29 November 2014

Bells University of Technology student dies after Asthma attack

A third year student at Bells University suffered a head injury after an asthma attack, leading to her death. Some of her colleagues feel she might have survived but for medical negligence.
A student of Bells University of Technology, Ota, Nekpen Ruth Idahosa, has died from injuries sustained during an asthma attack.
Idahosa, a 300-level student reportedly suffered an asthma attack last night while eating.
Reports quoting the deceased's friends say she choked and fell, hitting her head on the floor in the process.
It was reported gathered that Idahosa began to bleed from a head injury following the fall.
It is being alleged that her chances of survival were hampered by the failure of the institution's medical team to respond when alerted.
The students reportedly carried the bleeding student to the clinic using a hairdresser's vehicle as makeshift ambulance.
Even then, they could not save her life.
A source, reported to be a friend of the deceased quoted by Linda Ikeji hinted possible negligence on  the part of the health officials.
"As usual, the incompetent nurses and staff of the clinic started to delay. Then the worst came - she passed on," her friend said.

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