Tuesday, 10 February 2015


What's been happening to Pheelz?
Pheelz has been living his dreams. Making great music and making my parents proud. 

You're quite young and have produced many hit songs. What's the secret? 
God basically is the secret. Prayer changes things.

How did you get into production?
I got into production through my church and through my brother. I made my first song when I was 12 and since then it has been a really interesting ride.

Did your parents accept your choice of career? 
At first No. But when they saw their son making hits, they had no choice but to support.

How was it like combining school with music production? 
It was easy actually, because the course I studied gave me a lot of free time to run both simultaneously. 

How did you meet Olamide? 
I met olamide when I started internship with I.D. Cabasa, and we've been brothers ever since.

There was a rumour making rounds that you guys have issues because of production fees. Can you clear the air on this? 
Hahahahaha (laugh). Story for the gods. Shoro niyen (is that a true talk)? Nothing like that happened, and like you said, rumours.

As ID Cabasa protégé, how was it like working with Olamide, when it is a known fact that he dumped Coded Tunes? Is there no hard feelings between you and Cabasa?
No hard feelings. Coded Tunes is the foundation and you can’t do without the foundation. No body dumped anything, it was just mere hearsay.

What's your favourite music software? 
I use Logic Pro 9 and Pro Tools 10.

When not making music, how do you unwind? 
I read a lot, sometimes I go swimming. But most times I’m always online making research and learning about my craft.

What's your upbringing like? 
I was brought up in a very Christian and musical family. My father is actually a General Overseer of a church and he plays the guitar very well, my mum sings well. We even made a song together once. I Thank God for the family he put me in. They are the best.

Your educational background. 
I studied Computer Science in school.

What inspires you? 
I am very privileged to have incredible people around me. So everybody around me does that.

Who are your role model? 
I have a whole bunch. Timbaland , Swizz Beat, Pharell, Yani, I.D. Cabasa.

Who are the artistes and producers you are looking forward to work with, both local and international? 
Asa, Angelique Kidjo, Kanye West, Mumford and Sons, The passengers, Timbaland - the list goes on and on.

What's your advice for any young person that wants to take up production as a career?
Determination and discipline are key factors. As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is. Believe in God and you can become whatever u wanna become. Stay true to your craft and it will pave ways for you. 

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