Monday, 23 February 2015

Glo unveils information platform for EPL

 … fans to access and download current and past EPL information on  their Glo lines

A new package that will enable fans and followers of the English Premier League (EPL) in Nigeria to access whatever information they want about the league through their Glo lines has been unveiled by Globacom.

known as the EPL Content Service, the package will enable followers of the English Premier league who are on the Glo Mobile network to download past and current information that has anything to do with the League.

Information that could be accessed include historical facts, club facts and records, including frequently asked questions, players’ profiles, players and ex-players’ information such as nick names, hair cut styles and other exciting details, whether serious or trivial.

By Interacting with the platform, subscribers could find out that George Best was known as the "fifth Beatle" for his iconic haircut and was the first footballer to significantly develop an off-the-field media profile; and that Sir Alex Ferguson is Manchester United's longest-serving manager (26 years, 194 days), and that he presided over 1,500 club matches from  November 6, 1986 to May 19,  2013.

Through the Service, fans of EPL could also find out that Manchester United has won the highest number of League titles (20), the last of which was won in the 2013-14 season when Sir Alex Ferguson retired as a manager and that Bryan Robson was the captain of Manchester United for 12 years, longer than any other player.

 To connect with the service, all the EPL fans have to do is to send the name of their clubs to 54889, using their Glo lines. For example, ManU to 54889 or Chelsea to 54889.

For now, the clubs available on the platform are Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City.

In a statement signed by Globacom’s head of Value Added Services, Mr. Nagasai Vishwanath, subscription for the service costs N25 weekly. Vishwanath promised that the company will later add more clubs to the platform.

“With this service, subscribers will get access to facts, history and records of all the five major clubs in the EPL.  It provides them with all the relevant news about their clubs, ranging from old to new facts and records, with unquestionable accuracy. We know that Nigerians are lovers of football and we like to meet our subscribers at the point of their passions. Since there are millions of EPL fans in Nigeria, we have created this service to further satisfy their interests,” the statement read.

It explained that with the service, fans can follow trends in their favourite clubs more closely and be better informed about such clubs. “This will equip the fans to discuss their favourite game and clubs with accurate and up-to-date information,” he said.  

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