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We recently caught up with the pretty Nollywood actress, Tayo Sobola aka Sotayo who’s having three successful full-length movies namely: “Arewa Onijogbon”, “Corper Jide” and “Bella” credited to her production prowess. And we scooped up these 10 questions about her career and personality. Enjoy!

1.     How did you get the name tag Sotayo?
Well, Sotayo is the first two letters of my surname and my name, Tayo. People started calling me Sotayo right from my school days at Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU).

2.     Foray into acting
In 2003, I joined the Actors Guild of Nigeria. Also, I featured in some movies with minor roles. I had to stop after my course in LASU and resumed for my degree programme in Ogun State. I returned to acting in 2006. Then, I was presenting on television, was modelling, and had music video appearances (a vixen) and red carpet hosting. With acting, I just wanted to harness my skills, creativity plus flexibility. My mother was not in support initially but along the line, my father made her accept my views. My first time with the camera was awesome. It was a dream come true! It was a musical stage performance in 2003.

3.     Life as an actress
It is a movie in itself. It takes a person who knows you well to believe you when you are talking because they see you as acting. You dump some friends; have new ones because you meet new people on daily basis. You try not to look too different from how you appear on screen and tolerate people that get on your nerves! It is a different life from the real life. What we do is mostly make-believe. It is not our personality. 

4.     How many movies have you produced so far?
Arewa Onijogbon was my first movie. The second one was Copper Jide and the last one I produced was Bella. Though I have another short, one man cast movie, Aba Ikilo.

5.     Your Fashion
I love to wear what I like and feel comfortable in. My mood determines what I wear and how I look. I don’t like to wear what others are wearing. I live in a different world and I love to stand out. My beauty routine? I try as much as I can to treat my face once in a week because I break out a lot. I also visit the gym when I’m less busy because I’m afraid of having a big stomach. 

6.     You are a beautiful lady, how do you control unwanted attention from men?
I have been trying my best to control it, it is not like I am a year old and it is something that has been happening all my life. I control myself. 

7.     The movie industry is full of beauties, what stands you out?
I think my person. Honestly, I really don’t like it when I have to rate myself with other people, but the truth is that I do what I am comfortable doing. I don’t look at what people do to do my things. I don’t just do Yoruba Language movies, I do English Language movies as well, comedy skits and I can actually spread my tentacles to where ever I want. I just think I am a bold person and I can also be shy if I want to. The thing that stands me out is my personality.

8.     You sometimes dressed up like an Alhaja. Are you a muslim?
I will say yes, even though I call myself a ‘Chrislam’ because my mother is a Muslim and my father a Christian, Catholic to be precise. So I pay attention to religion. 

9.     Aside acting, are you into some other form of business?
I have other businesses.  I travel out of the country a lot and I buy things and bring for people to sell for me because I can’t be working and selling. Nobody will even pay me if I sell by myself.  I do contracts and I consult for people and get artiste for shows.  That is how I make most of the money.

My dream is to become a well-respected mother and wife with fat accounts.  

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