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He started out as a budding journalist; he went into modeling and now a photographer and a publisher. Sunkanmi Oguande’s story is one that will inspire any young and enterprising dude out there. His is about perseverance, handwork, focus and being ambitious.

How has it been schooling and working in Malaysia?
My time in Malaysia till date has been challenging and interesting. Juggling work and school together is one of the most difficult things to do because optimum concentration is needed to execute both appropriately. I just keep my calm and go with the flow. It tells on the body a lot but life goes on. 

2. What prompt your going into publishing a magazine? 

I love the print industry and I have been part of the industry for a long time and over the years, I have garnered a lot of experiences which has shaped me. I looked at my environment here in Asia and decided to influence it my own way. This was what prompted me. Everybody likes information that comes in a very entertaining way and the best way to create a very balanced atmosphere of getting individuals informed is to launch a magazine which was what I did. 

3. What are the challenges you're facing with the venture? 
To be candid, the major problem has been creating a super way of appeal. Individuals of this age and time most especially Africans don't wanna read long stories or even the short ones, they just want to scan through and dump it somewhere. I have been able to detect this with my first issue and due to that, a solution has been discovered. Information in a crispy short  way will appeal to almost everybody. My second issue is almost ready and specific corrections have been made. God willing, we break our current sales record. 

4. How has been the acceptance? 
The acceptance has been huge and mind blowing. God is such a miracle worker. Things fall in place when the right time surfaces. 

5. You're a model, actor, photographer and now a publisher. How do you joggle it all? 
 It's all connected. Passion for the arts is what I call it. Experiences from all this other fields have significantly helped me. 

6. Been a showbiz personality, how do you cope with female admirers? 
Female admirers are the real deal. They help propel you. They help you move faster. I have over the years unraveled how to relate with my admirers. You can't do without them. When they like you, they can move mountains. You just have to be real and know where to draw the line. They Rock any day. 

7. What's the craziest thing a female fan ever did to you? 
LOL! The craziest one recently happened. My sister called me up someday and asked if I knew some girl. She also showed me the girl’s picture, I told her no and I have never seen that face anywhere. My sister said she created a picture collage of me and used it as her display picture. She wrote ‘my Boyfriend is hotter than yours'. Haha! According to my sister, she pinged and asked who the guy in her Display Picture was, she said it’s her boyfriend and he lives in Victoria Island. Haha! It was a very serious and funny encounter. I laughed till my throat choked. But it's all love anyways.  

8. What's the experience like schooling in Malaysia? 
It's been a wonderful experience. You just have to create and rule your own world. Malaysia is a lovely place and the standard of living is very affordable. 

9. With so much affluence been thrown around by young people that are into shady deals in Malaysia, how have you been able to remain focus and not join the bad groups? 
It's crazy around here but what I have discovered is that it has to do with your background and how you reason. We have a lot of bad people around here and it's like that everywhere in the world. Malaysia is not different. Your mindset and what you want for yourself will help you pull through. Another thing that has helped is the Parent factor. My parents are my best pals and we relate almost every time. They call to talk to me from time to time and even when you feel like all these precautions don't matter, there advice will always help me bounce back. It's a very deceiving environment here and I relate the environment to the Peter Pan story, you will be here dancing and living life on a very high note without knowing the world outside is moving at a light speed rate.  Realness sets in at a point. Life has a lot more to offer than getting carried away by temporary happenings. You have to define your life and we should always remember every action has a definite reaction. It's a natural law and it will eventually catch up with each and everyone of us. 

10. Can you share with us your upbringing and family background? 
I come from a family of six that comprises of my dad and mum. I grew up in Ogun State and growing up was fun for me. Grew up around my parents and learnt a lot. We are Christians and I had the normal going to church, mum flogging me if I don't wake up early type of growing up. The normal Nigerian way of life. LOL

Can you share with us your experience as in journalism?
Started journalism with Inside OOU, that was back in the days when I first got admission into Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State. Got a chance to write juicy entertainment stories for Inside OOU, Priscilla Awe who is a media mogul today gave me that chance, after that I got the big opportunity of reporting and writing for the biggest Campus magazine till date Acada Magazine. My boss and brother, Mr. Biodun Caston-Dada discovered my drive and gave me a chance, I immediately started reporting for Acada Magazine which I still do till date. I also worked with Dynamix Magazine, Our Days Magazine, SG2 Magazine, Green Age Magazine. I was reporting for all of these magazines. After all these, I got a bigger chance to work with Nigerian Compass News paper as an Entertainment Reporter, I was working directly with Hazeez Balogun ,who will send me on assignments to interview and provide stories... I have always had intense love for journalism and I still do. 

11. What's your long term plan for the new magazine? 
Expand my base beyond Asia and affect a lot of lives positively. 

12. What inspires you? 
My environment, my family, people, movies and day to day living. 

13. Who are your role models? 
I don't really have role models. I just have one and that is my Dad. He is real and he strives to be a better person each day. 

14. When not in school or doing business, how do you unwind? 
I watch a lot of movies, I sleep and I love eating. 

15. Your advice for young ones out there. 
Follow your passion. It makes it all easier.

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