Monday, 7 September 2015 Launches To Compete Against Free Music [PHOTOS]

AS part of measures to combat piracy and ensure that Nigerian musicians get paid for their works in a transparent manner, a website,, was recently launched to bring Nigerian music of different genre to millions of fans across the world.
 Present at the event was Mavin boss, Don Jazzy, Five star Crew, Kofi, Kcee, Harrysong, Olisa Adibua, Asa Asika, Ajebutter  among others. The launch also attracted artists, music producers, IT consultants, marketers and distributors, bank managers, and lawyers.
Speaking at the event, Chief Operating Officer of the Company, Mr. Damola Taiwo, said that the firm intends to stop the trend of people downloading Nigerian music without revenue going to the artistes.
“The website is easy to use and the best pricing for the masses,” Taiwo said of the use of the website. “We localize the problem and build a service around Africa. Our competitor is for 180 million Nigerians.”
According to Taiwo, the platform will give artistes visibility and revenue for their works. He asserted that the battle against piracy is not about locking people in with their talents, but offering a better alternative which would benefit both the producer and consumers of music items.

The website operates a two-step process where people can search for the music they want and download it simply by paying N30.00 from their phone credit.
 “For now, we have only Nigerian songs,” Taiwo said.
“Once we can get that right, we’ll move to other territories.”
 Taiwo also disclosed that the company has signed necessary agreements with all artistes whose songs are on the website.
“We make sure that all songs on our site are there legally and legitimately,” he said.
 He opined that the partnership has been in place for three years and researched have been done to accommodate all legal, and financial issues on the works of the artists on the platform.
Co-Founder of the company Dolapo Taiwo, revealed the plans the company has to checkmate hacking.
“To prevent hacking, our technology is very strong,” he said.
“We’ve been building this for the past three years, and we focus so much on technology. We’ve separated the payment process from the download process even though it’s one and the same to the user.”
 Reacting to the launch, comedian and singer, Kofi Idowu-Nuel, said that the platform came at a time when artists are looking for better ways to market their works without the fear of piracy.
In attendance at the launch event were artists including Don Jazzy, Harrysong, Kcee and Ajebutter22. Other attendees include Tee Billz, Koffi, Asa Asika and Steve Babaeko. The startup also made a big announcement, unveiling Olisa Adibua as a partner. 

Below are photos from the event. 

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