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The British born talent is currently studying Business management at National Open University of Nigeria is one of Nigeria’s budding Nollywood’s finest.  Featured in over 15 movies including  "Forever with us", "President for a day", "The patient", "The outlaws", "Diary of a Nigerian couple" etc.
A singer whose talent has brought her to one of the biggest stages of musical talents competition in Africa; MTN project Fame west Africa 2008, season 1, where she held her own into the last stage of the competition as one of the last five. She is a voice over artist, one time TV host of Billboard Nigeria which aired on silver bird television from 2011-2013.
Her enthusiasm and vast knowledge of the entertainment industry, her connection to her environment and being in-tuned to daily happenings around her would be appreciated by her audience.
She believes that "just because women don’t have as much physical strength as men doesn’t mean they cannot take on as much responsibility".
She is a mother driven with everyday passion to make the world a better place for her daughter, for every girl child and for every child. Her motto is to be happy always and live each day like it’s the last. She is ecstatic to be part of the WFM91.7 movement. 



The media is a powerful tool that can bring the change we need in our society. One woman at a time, we will as a station affect families and in the end influence our continent positively" Those are the words of the next Voice & face of WFM 91.7.
A woman with a passion for radio broadcasting. She obtained a Masters degree in Broadcast Journalism at the University of the West of England, United Kingdom after graduating a broadcast major in Mass Communication from Babcock University, Nigeria.
An active member of the National Union of Journalists, United Kingdom.  With a profound interest in radio broadcasting, she cut her teeth in International journalism as volunteer presenter and part of production team on BBC Radio Bristol. She was a presenter on Ujima Radio Bristol UK and worked on various projects on BBC Point West, a radio presenter on Hub Radio in Bristol UK and a writer and content provider for University of West Of England newspaper. She was also a guest on BBC Radio and spoke on the Chibok kidnapped girls.  Her journalism skills include reporting, interviewing, sub-editing, research & creating programme content
She believes that Radio is the most impactful of all media. With a keen interest in women affairs, she is looking forward to making a difference in helping the self confidence and esteem of all women not just in Nigeria but Africa at large through WFM 91.7.
A uniquely curious spirit with keen interest in people, cultures & food. Her inquisitive nature has drawn her to interesting places as close as the karaoke bar in her neighbourhood and as far out as Colombia, where she worked for a non-governmental organisation and learnt Spanish for a year.  A former banker with a BSc. in Politics and International Studies from the University of Warwick, England and an MSc. in Management from Imperial College London.
A writer who loves to speak and share is a founding member of Ignite; a movement for young Christians. She hopes that as she shares her own non-conventional yet seemingly common experiences, they will provide an avenue for others to confront their own struggles, help them heal and eventually create a strong communal bond among women to help build a world where hurt young girls do not become broken.
In her words "WFM 91.7 represents the ideal avenue for women to speak honestly and openly about the woman's plight. Through this platform and my unique gift of connecting with other women, I hope to continue fostering and empowering the often-suppressed female voice in Nigeria".
An alumni of the University of Lagos, where she obtained a B.Sc. I Political Science and an M.Sc. in International Law and Diplomacy.
A public speaker. Customer service consultant and an advocate for personal development. She holds a CCSA from prestigious Service Quality Institute of America and a Certificate in Entrepreneurship Management from the Pan African University (LBS).
She has been a guest speaker at Rotary International Youth Seminars and Women Reinvention Luncheon. An avid reader with a bias for African poetry, she distributes books and other educational materials to disadvantaged children to encourage reading.
In her words, “WFM 91.7 family is a wonderful opportunity for me to be part of as we revolutionise broadcasting, not only to empower women, but positively impact the society as a whole. I am indescribably excited to be part of this family.

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