Thursday, 1 September 2016

10 Things To Learn From Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg's Visit To Nigeria.

1. You don't undermine the power of your youths and its market. Over 80 million Nigerians are on the Internet, with 16 million monthly users of Facebook (mostly young Nigerians). The biggest in Africa. 

2. Nigerian youths strive to meet up with their peers globally by creating world-class ICT inventions despite the non-availability of infrastructures and conducive environments. Technology is key to any nation's development and growth. 

3. Stop complaining and look at your environment to see how to exploit the opportunities that are available. Many young Nigerians are complaining of no jobs, no money. If you have no job, create one. The economy is bad, but many are still making millions from the same economy. Even in wars, some smart people still makes money! Get something doing and position yourself to be relevant. The guys at CcHUB, Bloggers, Social Media Influencers, Artistes, Nollywood, Fashion Designers, Makeup Artistes and many other young Nigerians doing great things have proven this. 

4. With Technology, you can drive the economy and stimulate Tourism. Nigeria has been trending on various social media platforms globally for over 48 hours just because of Mark's visit. 

5. Invest in young and bright minds. They are the key to the future. 

6. Simplicity and humility will take you far. Mark, the 5th richest man on earth (worth $53.7b) came into Nigeria unannounced (that’s strategic) without fanfare or overzealous security details around him. He moved freely among young people who see him as an icon and a role model. This automatically is a big inspiration for those young people.

7. Mark's visit is an endorsement and a big boost for the Nigerian ICT industry which the government should leverage on. 

8. Life is not all about money. You make the money, invest in people, through this you will lift up many families and create a better society. 

9. What legacy do you want to be remembered for? Do your best to affect humanity positively. 

10. Nigeria's future is bright if only the government can provide the necessary basic infrastructures and create an enabling environment for the youths to thrive in their various chosen fields and careers. Exploitation of Modern Technology is key to development. 

Your ambition, drive and tenacity will take you places. In all things, put GOD first!

About the writer:

Biodun Caston-Dada is the publisher of Nigeria’s longest running and most consistent FREE youth/campus magazine, ACADA Magazine. 

Photo credit: CC-Hub

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  1. Biodun, today my respect for you doubled. Am once again inspired to keep my dreams and goals alive. More mountains to climb, Oceans to swim and thresholds to conquer.Big Up bro. Ayodele Kazeem