Friday, 21 October 2016

10 Profitable Businesses You Can Start From Your Campus Room

1. Hairdressing
This is a good business for both male and female students. You can help our fellow students to make their hair for a token for it. You can choose to do this on weekends to avoid undue interference with your studies.

2. Manicure/pedicure/nail fixing
This is another lucrative business that needs little money to start. You can help your fellow students to manicure and pedicure their fingers and toes respectively and also fix their Nails. You can also make extra money doing Nail Arts or fixing of ornaments on the Nails.

3. Desktop publishing center/Graphic Design
Desktop publishing centers in student-dominated environment make a lot of money by helping students format, print, edit, and design their assignments, reports, project works, and so on. In addition, students pay to have their tuition receipts and other vital documents printed from their school website whenever necessary. If you have a solid background in desktop publishing, then this business is for you.
Graphic design consulting relies more on creativity and talent than years of experience. You can help in designing and printing campus events’ handbills, posters, T-Shirts, etc.

4. Stationeries/Provisions
It goes without saying that stationeries sell well in school campuses and environments dominated by students. And the reason is obvious—students always need pens, pencils, rulers, and other stationery items. If you live in a student environment and would like to start a business that requires very little startup capital, then you may consider selling stationeries. You can also add some basic things like toiletries, drinks, etc.

5. Photocopy center
If you have ever been in a student-dominated environment before, you would have been awed at the rates at which students flood photocopy centers.
Virtually every day, the average student needs to make copies of pages of a textbook, a class note, an assignment, a document, or some other important piece. This explains why the demand for photocopying services is always huge in school campuses and environs.

6. Social media consulting/Influencing
College students are often on the cutting edge of social-media trends. Use this knowledge and experience to advise companies on their social-media strategy. Take them beyond Facebook and LinkedIn, and introduce them to new channels to get their messages out.

7. Photography
Thanks to platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, the world has become more accustomed to using images to communicate. With a rise in the need for visual content, there has also been growing sense of comfort with using amateur photographers. Due to advancements in technology, these amateurs have the ability to churn out high-quality work.

8. Event planning
College students have probably attended their fair share of parties, but putting that party experience to good use is another story. Event planning requires attention to detail, organization, the ability to multitask and creativity. If equipped to handle the job, start a business around campus and become the go-to source for planning campus group or club activities.

9. Sewing/Tailoring
You can make from helping your friends and other students to sew or mend their clothes.

10. Makeup Artist

Freelance makeup artists can generate revenue in the traditional sense of applying makeup to customers ahead of special occasions. Alternately, one of the newest ways to make money is by providing tutorial videos on social media. Great content that attracts a high number of viewers can turn into YouTube sponsorship earnings. 

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