Friday, 28 October 2016

Get an Early Christmas Gift from Kanekalon

Wish you could be there?  Wish you could take part in selecting Miss KANEKALON 2016?

Here is your chance as KANEKALON sets to reward her loyal customer by dishing out early Christmas presents to them in form of invites to this years Miss KANEKALON pageant that will be taking place in Lagos on 12th November, 2016.

Your wish could be a reality and YOU can be a winner of an Invitation!

For further information, all you need to do is log on to KANEKALONs FB page    

Enjoy the front-row experience and participate in making another classy page of KANEKALON history.

KANEKALON is one of the worlds finest fiber used to produce high quality braids, beautiful weave-on, wigs and hair extensions. It is cherished by women globally and thus enjoys the position of being the leading & dominant raw material in Nigeria and worldwide. For example, KANEKALON braid fibers are suitable for all types of braiding; from thick to the finest, from short to the longest, and from straight to wavy, curly or any other sophisticated or advanced styles. 100% KANEKALON braids are hot water friendly, so it can be easily sealed and/or curled into desired styles by dipping in hot water.  It is soft to touch, and it is tender to the fingers when braiding. This allows braiding faster and smoother. KANEKALON is also known for its innovative fiber such as AFFRELLE, AQUATEX and FUTURA. 

Find KANEKALON in your favourite brands, DARLING, NINA and X-Pression.

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