Thursday, 20 October 2016

PHOTOS: Dutch Wax fabric brand Vlisco Celebrates 170 years

...Opens New Retail Outlet at Jabi Lake Mall Abuja

Dutch Wax fabric brand Vlisco is excited to announce the arrival of its newest boutique in Jabi Lake Mall, Abuja. Abuja’s fashion lovers can now look forward to a pleasant retail environment to shop their favourite genuine Wax Hollandais, Java— and of course, the much-loved Super-wax fabrics.

The latest store opening marks a special anniversary for the long-standing textile company. As Vlisco turns 170, it is taking the opportunity to celebrate the strength, beauty and pride of all African women who have cherished and adorned their fabrics since 1846. Throughout the year, Vlisco has been paying tribute to its consumers and traders who have played a vital part of its heritage and stories.

The shop is conveniently located in Abuja’s newest retail oasis, Jabi Lake Mall. The Abuja shop will be Vlisco’s second retail location in Nigeria, alongside Ikeja Mall in Lagos, which opened last year. Abuja is especially remarkable to Vlisco due to its love of Super-wax fabrics.

While designed differently from the Lagos boutique, the new Abuja shop reflects Vlisco qualities in its own unique and beautiful way. Handcrafted, natural terrazzo stone flooring complement soft, feminine shapes of the furniture. Colour palettes of indigo, combined with pigment-inspired tones have been chosen to evoke an inviting and elegant feeling.

Shoppers can expect a range of professional Vlisco services from its staff, including customized fashion and styling advice, care tips, and other exciting services to come. With a breath-taking array of colour and design, the shop will offer the newest collections as well as beloved classics for women—and men—to express their style and uniqueness.

Super-wax fans may be intrigued to know that Vlisco had first developed the concept for Super-wax in 1977. Vlisco continues to produce the beloved fabric using its wax-based technique, guaranteeing that each yard is a one-of-a-kind piece of genuine craftsmanship. Naturally, shoppers will be offered a large selection of Vlisco Super-wax fabric at the Abuja location.

The Abuja Vlisco shop promises to be an exciting hub for even more future events and promotions to be announced in the coming months. 

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