Thursday, 23 May 2013


...Un-edited Live Tweet Interactive Session With Popular OAP, TOOLZ
She’s fast becoming one of the hottest things on Nigeria’s airwaves and entertainment scene.
Tolulope ‘Toolz’ Oniru, is a vivacious and award-winning on-air personality.
She currently hosts her own radio show ‘The Midday Show with Toolz’ (weekdays) on one of Nigeria’s  top urban radio stations – The Beat 99.9FM. (
Toolz also hosts ‘The Juice’ on NdaniTV an online initiative powered by GTBank. (
We stumbled on the popular OAP getting personal with her online followers in this Q and A session  #AskToolz. 

@ToolzO: Dealing with the attention I get, it can be overwhelming at times RT

@Slim4blues ToolzO What was ur most challenging moment in ur career?

@ToolzO: Any car Jeremy Clarkson likes RT @kells_a ToolzO what brand of cars do you love most?? #AskToolz

@ToolzO: Ah I can't pick RT @iamovvy ToolzO who's ur best naija artist?#AskToolz

@ToolzO: Cancer RT @frekyyem ToolzO What's your Zodiac sign? #AskToolz

@ToolzO: Zanzibar RT@Olindocipriani ToolzO where is the most lovely place you've ever been to? #AskToolz

@ToolzO: I have a BA in Business & Communications, gonna do my MBA soon RT

@sisispeaks #AskToolz what course did U study Undergrad and Postgrad!

@ToolzO: Figure out what love doing, and make a career out of it RT @AnjolaO What advice d'yu have to give someone who's just leaving . sch

@ToolzO: I don't like to cos I get really shy RT @FemiCoolOlofin Has Toolz ever consider a music vid cameo? If yes whose vid will it be.. #AskToolzO

@ToolzO: Lol I dunno how to answer this RT @ola_sleem ToolzO whose key currently unlocks the door of your heart #AskToolz

@ToolzO: I tried to take a picture with T-Pain...but it was actually Timaya RT @abillidollz Tolu what is your most embarrasing moment #AskToolz

@ToolzO: I.K RT @drizzyee ToolzO toolz,who is you favourite male OAP from any other radio station apart from beat fm? #AskToolz

@ToolzO: To own my own media agency or retail company RT @crackittoby What was ur dream before u became an OAp? #asktoolz cc ToolzO

@ToolzO: Braids RT @codedbb ToolzO ur favorite hair style #AskToolz

@ToolzO: Red or black RT @babienuella ToolzO Your Fav Colour? #AskToolz

@ToolzO: hmmm brb RT @MoshD ToolzO have you ever had a crush on @DONJAZZY ? #AskToolz

@ToolzO: Hmmm Good health RT @seun79 #AskToolz what do you consider more important? Good health or Great Wealth?

@ToolzO: Yes, quite a few times actually RT @Friz2val ToolzO have u ever cried for a guy u love? #AskToolz

@ToolzO: Never ever fought over a guy before...RT @thebigdon1 ToolzO have u ever had a gals fight b4, perhaps fought over a man b4? Asktoolz

@ToolzO: Supersun, R&BW, Lasso of Truth, The 2nd Coming, Waje RT @Shakboi I'm losing faith in Nigerian musicians. What 5 albums will restore my faith

@ToolzO: I try not to be in the midst of fake ppl RT @emceekaygemini ToolzO how do u stay so original in d midst of fake people?? #AskToolz

@ToolzO: As long as we are both legal, #AintNobodyBidness RT @thebigdon1 ToolzO can you date younger, if its true love? #asktoolz

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