Tuesday, 7 January 2014

WONDERS: Supercar maker Bugatti reveals a trouser belt that costs £60,000

Limited edition: Only 11 of the belts will be made
Perfect for people with deep pockets: Supercar maker Bugatti reveals a trouser belt that costs £60,000 (more than it costs to buy a Porsche)

·         The belt is a collaboration with Swiss luxury company Roland Iten
·         Only 11 of the precision-made belts will be available to buy
Roland Iten describes the belt as 'a magnificent piece'

After buying this, you may well need to do a bit of belt-tightening of the financial variety.
Bugatti has unveiled an incredible gold or titanium trouser belt which costs more than a new Porsche.
The R22 Bugatti Calibre has been designed to be the Swiss watch of the belt-making world.

It is the result of collaboration between the supercar firm, best known for its 268mph Veyron, and Roland Iten - a Swiss luxury company.
Using watchmaking machinery, Roland Iten has created a solid rose gold and titanium belt with 100 moving, mechanical pieces.
Each component is custom made and carved by precision laser from a solid block of gold or titanium.
The belt, which is limited to just 11 units, comes with an eye-watering £60,000 price-tag.
This makes it more expensive than a Porsche Cayman  - which costs £48,000 - and the same price as a new Range Rover Sport.
Pricey: The belt costs more than a Porsche Cayman sports car

But it is still considerably cheaper than a Bugatti Veyron SuperSport, which will set back a wealthy buyer £1.6million.
Owners of the belt will be able to boast that their accessory, as the Roland Iten website states, is 'micro-customisable to any size within a 22mm range' and can be adjusted 'to the exact waist measurement'.
It describes the belt as being 'a magnificent piece' constructed 'from the finest materials'.

Bugatti is most famous for making the world's fastest car, the Veyron (pictured)

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