Saturday, 6 May 2017

PROBLEM in UNIBEN as National Association of Edo State Student Speaker and PRO molested by School Security

The Story narrated by a National representative of NAESS

Greetings to you sir... 

I was personally there when it happened i represented my school from  Bayero University Kano.
We were suppose to have a joint sitting between NEC and NRC to b hosted by Uniben today 5th May 2017 by 9:30am..
We all got there and were waiting for other comrades to come before the commencement, only to be informed that, the hall wasn't approved for us, this notice got to us as at 1pm. Then the national and chapter president had to start a ind a way out, viz: visiting the security and Dean student affairs for clarification whole we waited at the proposed venue.(SUG parliamentary hall).
The president then came back around 3pm telling is the hall wasn't approved for the meeting, this angered everyone there, because  most of us came from a far, viz: Kano, Kaduna, Abuja, Calabar, Rivers, Lautech, Delsu, etc.
We then resolved to see the Dean for reasons why he refused us using the venue, as the chapter president didn't give any reason why he refused....

On getting there  the Dean wasn't on seat, then a staff from the office wanted addressing us, but that didn't materialized as he said he wasn't gonna say anything if we are going to video d discussion, which lead to a little brouhaha, before it was resolved, then  the Dean was contacted and we were told he was on his way coming, so we waited. As at this time, most of us were already agree, due to the battle we are facing in our own land and Secretariat for that matter. 
within a short period the Dean came, and the speaker, hapter and national president were told to go in wit d Dean, but the PRO refused saying we all should hear what he wants to say, this was what ignited the issue, then he said he was going in also, but the security men held and blocked him, in the process of this, there pushing and dragging btw the PRO and the security men, which den led to exchange of blows, the speaker seeing how fellow comrade been beating went on to hold the men from lynching him, only for him to be hit by a blow, in which he retaliated and the whole issue escalated, wit d beating too hard on him, he took to his heels and they followed him him, only for the security men to bring him in an unstable state..

My take on this was, everyone of us were tensed up and angry i expected the security men to understand that first, but, they acted as if we left our school to come and fight them, which was not. 

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